Government Holidays

If you’re looking for a list of government holidays you’ve reached the right place. At National Today, we have information and fun facts about 28 important government holidays. We even tell you fun ways to celebrate them.

Michelle Obama’s Birthday
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
International Holocaust Remembrance Day
National Freedom Day
Abraham Lincoln's Birthday
Mardi Gras
National Winston Churchill Day
May Day
Cinco de Mayo,
Harvey Milk Day
National Maritime Day
Memorial Day, , ,
International Day of the Seafarer
World UFO Day
Independence Day, , ,
Nelson Mandela International Day,
Civic Holiday, , ,
Natal Day, , ,
Indian Independence Day, , , ,
Constitution Day
World Post Day
Columbus Day
United Nations Day
Halloween, , , , ,
Remembrance Day,
Veterans Day
Thanksgiving 2019
National Pearl Harbor Day of Remembrance
New Year's Eve

Where did government holidays come from?

We’re pretty sure they come from the government! Jokes aside, these holidays were created with some serious intent. It is easy for us as citizens to forget the important events that have shaped our country. Or the contributions of great individuals and communities without which our country would not be the same.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day on January 15 celebrates the incredible man and his fight for racial justice. International Holocaust Remembrance Day, National Freedom Day, Independence Day, etc., are all holidays that remind us about how precious freedom is. And then there is Cinco de Mayo on May 5! A day to eat Mexican food, drink
margaritas, and discover Mexican history. Halloween in another fun favorite among these government holidays. And we didn’t forget Mardi Gras 2018 on February 13. Time to put on a costume and express yourself.

The best part is that some of these government holidays are also public holidays. And that means a day or a weekend of doing nothing. Or staying busy having fun!

Submit your favorite government holiday

Our list is long, but the government’s is longer. So, go to our holiday submissions page and tell us about a government holiday that we have missed. We are constantly including new holidays on our website and your suggestion might be next!