National Deep Dish Pizza Day – April 5

Is there a day that better honors The Windy City than the one Ferris Bueller took off? Try National Deep Dish Pizza Day! Every April 5, we celebrate with all of the dense, messy, delicious beauty of deep dish pizza. So this April 5, indulge in the sauce, cheese and toppings you crave, and make sure you’ve got a strong fork to ensure you don’t miss any of the deep, thick bread! Deep dish pizza: it’s what put Chicago on the map (that is, of course, apart from the fire, Al Capone, Peter Cetera’s band and Michael Jordan).

Why We Love Deep Dish Pizza( and National Deep Dish Pizza Day

A. It’s another reason to eat everyone’s favorite comfort food
Whether you’re a Ninja Turtle or fresh from Naples, it’s tough to find someone who doesn’t have a soft spot for a pizza pie. The occasion gives everyone a reason to chow down on the kind of food nobody dislikes.

B. It gives you an extra cheat day
You just had yesterday off the gym? Well, you can put the elliptical off until tomorrow, because April 5 is a day dominated by cheese, sauce and a whole lot of crust! You treat yourself right all week, National Deep Dish Pizza Day is your day to pig out (even if you avoid sausage and pepperoni).

C. It’s time Chicago had a celebration

All right, we know that the Cubs finally won The World Series; but, if history is any indicator, that’s not likely to happen again for a long, long time. So, YouTube some vintage Siskel & Ebert clips, turn on a rotating fan for wind and make sure you’ve got a strong fork for the meal that’s become The Windy City’s signature dish.

How to celebrate National Deep Dish Pizza Day

1. Procure your pizza
Of course you can’t commemorate the day without the food, so look up the nearest Italian place and see what they have to offer. Can’t find a local purveyor of deep dish pizza? Go straight to the source, either with a trip to Chicago to one of its famous eateries, or if you’re feeling less extravagant, contact one of the famous eateries and have a pie shipped to you!

2. Get cooking
If you’re feeling ambitious, use this glorious day as an excuse to get cooking and make your own fantastic deep dish pizza. Gather your supplies (deep dish cake pan, some flour, yeast, cornmeal, butter, tomato sauce, and so much cheese), look up a simple recipe, and get cooking.

3. Gather your supplies
In addition to being delicious, deep dish pizza is known for being more than a mouthful. This isn’t the kind of pizza you just fold up and swallow, so whether you’re eating at home or at a restaurant, be prepared with the most durable cutlery you can locate. And there’s a school of thought that dictates a food’s deliciousness is directly proportional to how messy it is to eat. That line of thought definitely applies to pizza — doubly so to deep dish. So get an apron or a big to protect your favorite shirt from all the sauce and cheese that misses your mouth.

National Deep Dish Pizza Day Survey Results
Additional Findings

2% of Americans claim that Chicago style pizza isn’t real pizza—according to them, it’s a casserole.

5% of Americans like gourmet pizza—the fancier, the better. Meanwhile, 10% of Americans are fans of basic pizza—the simpler, the better. 4% of Americans consider themselves pizza snobs.

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