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Here ye, here ye, let it be known that today we celebrate the joining together of our nation under a single document. Today, we ...More
Tue Sep 17

What National Day is it today?

Do you want to know what national holiday it is today, or why today is so special?

Well you’re in luck, because at National Today, we've compiled all the best days of the year and listed them here on our site.

We mostly focus on the not-so-well-known holidays that you might not have heard of, but we also highlight all the days of the year you already know about. Everyday is worthy of a celebration, and we've compiled them into one convenient location. On this page you’ll find all of today’s national days, special days, international days, fun days, quirky days, and even serious days. Today’s holidays are waiting to be commemorated, so grab your friends, put on that party hat, and start the celebration!

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Tue Sep 17
Complex, multi-layered health care systems can sometime stray from patient safety considerations. Thus, International Patient Safety Day, observed on September 17,…
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