National No Excuses Day – September 27, 2020

Sun Sep 27

With all of our daily commitments and responsibilities, we often forget to pause for fun. We make excuses to avoid going out even though we know it’s good for us. SCENE wants to celebrate everyone who makes time for fun with National No Excuses Day, a rallying cry for people to commit to creating great memories together.

Meeting up with old friends you have meant to see for a while, catching a movie with the family — however you unwind from your day-to-day, we want to celebrate that you are choosing to make memories and have fun!  So make the call, answer that text, accept the invite. It all goes down on September 27.


National No Excuses Day Activities

  1. Dine with friends

    Grab some friends, have a bite and enjoy a laugh. Better yet - get 50X bonus SCENE points when you visit one of 800+ restaurant partners.

  2. Make Friday "date" night

    Start the weekend off right by treating yourself. Make plans to see that movie you've been waiting for and do it for half the SCENE points at Cineplex Theatres.

  3. Catch the game live

    Go see your favorite team play and cheer them on! Get $10 off when you book your tickets through Vivid Seats. Or — whatever you want, really! Just get out with friends and take some time to make memories that last — and National No Excuses Day will consider its mission accomplished!

Why We Love National No Excuses Day

  1. "You" time

    National No Excuses Day is whatever you choose to make it, so long as it brings you joy. It's easy to let daily trials and tribulations get the best of us; we all get tired, we all have responsibilities. But on this day you can celebrate you for all that you are, no matter what you choose to do.

  2. Togetherness

    It’s about togetherness. Yes, it’s a day definitely about you — but the immediate extension of that is the people that matter most around you. It’s about catching up, getting some face time, and most importantly making memories that will last.

  3. Fun

    We’ve unlocked offers for National No Excuses Day so you can choose fun, whether that’s trying a new dish, seeing a movie, or rocking out to live music. This is a day for you to have a blast and do something different. See all the epic offers at

National No Excuses Day dates
2020September 27Sunday
2021September 27Monday
2022September 27Tuesday
2023September 27Wednesday
2024September 27Friday