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TueMay 20

Flower Day – May 20, 2025

Flower Day is celebrated annually on May 20. It makes a toast to the beauty of flowers and the ways they are useful to us. On the holiday, environmentalists and conservationists create awareness about flower conservation and what can be done to save endangered flower species.

History of Flower Day

We love flowers because of their awe-inspiring beauty and fragrance. They also play a significant role in romance, medicine, rituals, and religion. You can spot them at christenings, funerals, weddings, and parties, as corsages and boutonnieres at special occasions, and as home decorations and thoughtful gifts. They are also used at places of worship, especially by Hindus. It’s not uncommon to see religious shrines adorned with flowers.

There are also some flowers that regularly feature in our meals! Nutritious vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and artichoke are actually flowers. Similarly, some flowers are used as spices, such as crocus (or saffron), cloves, and capers. Hops are used in beer, and dandelion and elderflowers are used in wines and cocktails. Moreover, some flowers are used to make herbal teas, while others are used as metaphors. For example, red roses symbolize love, poppies of death, iris and lilies of burial, and daisies of innocence. Artists and poets have also sought flowers as muses.

However, caring for flowers is no mean feat! Flowers have their own unique requirements in terms of growth and health. Some flowers prefer to be in the shade, while others need sunlight. Still, others thrive in damp soil, while some require the soil to be on the drier side. Flowers are divas, but they’re divas that have held our hearts for centuries.

Flower Day timeline

2500 B.C.
The Egyptians

The ancient Egyptians become pros at flower arrangement.

776 B.C.
Flowers and the Ancient Olympics

Woven garlands and wreaths are awarded to victors during the Olympics.

1000 A.D.
Flower Arrangements in Europe

Churches and monasteries are adorned with flowers.

1400 A.D.
Renaissance Painting Feature Flowers

Flowers became a common motif in Renaissance art.

Flower Day FAQs

Why do we celebrate Flower Day?

Flower Day encourages us to show love and appreciation towards friends, family, and even strangers through the gift of flowers.

What is a signature rose?

A single perfect red rose clubbed with a baby’s breath flower is considered a signature rose. It is the most sought-after flower on Valentine’s Day.

On which holiday are the most flowers sent?

Christmas and Hanukkah account for the most flower gifts all year.

Flower Day Activities

  1. Attend a flower arrangement event

    Flower arrangement is an art that requires talent, patience, and hard work. So, celebrate Flower Day by attending a flower arrangement class.

  2. Buy flowers

    What’s a better way to celebrate Flower Day than by buying flowers? Gift flowers to yourself and your loved ones. You could even buy some flowers to decorate your house!

  3. Plant flowers

    Celebrate Flower Day by planting your very own flowers. Buy a couple of saplings of your favorite flowers and pot them around your house. Look up how to care for the flowers and watch them bloom!

5 Unique Facts About Flowers

  1. Roses and apples

    The rose flower is related to the apple and peach family.

  2. Flowers could ward off evil spirits

    In some cultures, aster leaves were burned to ward off evil spirits.

  3. Tulip bulbs are versatile

    They can be substituted for onions in recipes.

  4. The oldest flower was discovered in China

    The Archaefructus sinensis flower bloomed around 125 million years ago in what is now known as China.

  5. Sunflowers follow the movement of the Sun

    They move from east to west throughout the day.

Why We Love Flower Day

  1. Flowers are beautiful

    We love celebrating and cherishing all things beautiful. When we look at flowers, they brighten our day instantly. Flower Day is celebrated in honor of flowers, which fill us with hope and joy.

  2. Flowers are muses

    During the Renaissance, flowers became the muses of various artists and poets. Even today, paintings, dresses, aprons, and other art pieces feature flowers. It is remarkable how flowers have inspired us with their beauty.

  3. Flowers are important to us

    Flowers are not just objects of beauty; they are a source of nutrition and healing as well. So, on Flower Day, we can express our appreciation for flowers.

Flower Day dates

2025May 20Tuesday
2026May 20Wednesday
2027May 20Thursday
2028May 20Saturday
2029May 20Sunday

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