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National Rio Day – May 20, 2024

National Rio Day is celebrated on May 20 every year around the globe. It is a particularly wonderful Name Day to celebrate, as the name has such a beautiful meaning. Originating from both Spain and Portugal, Rio means ‘river’ or ‘brook,’ and people with the name have often been characterized by a temperament that mimics the stream: gentle and powerful. National Rio Day is a day to embrace your inner stream of power and be thankful that you were given such an auspicious name.

History of National Rio Day

Rio is a word in many languages, and its name in western cultures can largely be attributed to both Spanish and Portuguese influence. According to history, the name Rio actually originated from Rio de Janeiro, a well-known Brazilian metropolis. However, the name is also very commonly used in Japan and some Jewish communities.

In Japanese, the name Rio means “place of the cherry blossoms” and is one of the most popular girls’ names in Japan, sitting in the country’s top 10. The Japanese equivalent is Ryo, which is pronounced similarly to Rio. While traditionally the name Rio has been ascribed to males, it is also a popular girls’ name. In Hebrew, the name Rio is a boy’s name and stems from ‘El Roi,’ which translates to ‘The God who sees me.’ It is used to describe God, or the essence of God, and as a derivative, Rio is a sacred name that places a unique spiritual shroud over those in the Jewish community who are given the name Rio. People with the name Rio are said to be protective, responsible, nurturing, generous, and sincere, according to Numerology number six, which is calculated by adding all the digits from a person’s name. They are thought of as being reliable and trustworthy.

The name is considered gender-neutral because it is widely understood to mean ‘river;’ however, in 2020, the name was given to a greater percentage of boys than girls, ranking at number 513 out of the most popular names for children.

National Rio Day timeline

Rio de Janeiro is Discovered

Portuguese explorers discover what they thought to be a river mouth rather than a natural harbor and give the location the name ‘River of January.’

Rio Ferdinand is Born

Rio Ferdinand, one of England's all-time great footballers, is a decorated athlete and has experience as a film and documentary producer.

Rio Shimamoto

Japanese author Rio Shimamoto wins honors for her writing: two of her most notable books are “First Love” and “Narratage.”

Animated Film

One of the two films that carry the title ‘Rio’ is an animated film about tropical birds living in the Amazon surrounding Rio de Janeiro and manages to gross almost $500,000,000 at the box office.

National Rio Day FAQs

Why are so many people’s last names, Rio?

Rio is both a famous and widespread surname throughout western society.

Is Rio de Janeiro near a river?

Three major rivers run through Rio de Janeiro. However, the city’s site was not named after any of them.

Is Rio a cool name?

Rio’s ‘coolness’ is a matter of opinion, but a recent American poll described the name as “contemporary, strong, and cool,” therefore for many people, it qualifies as such.

National Rio Day Activities

  1. Visit Rio de Janeiro

    It’s not something everyone can do, but if it's within your budget, celebrate this festive occasion alongside one of the greatest Rios in history, the capital city of Brazil. The Copacabana and Ipanema beaches are among the city's most well-known attractions.

  2. Commit to a river clean-up

    A great way to celebrate this Name Day is by getting involved in your local environment. Join a community service during National Rio Day and clean up your nearby rivers.

  3. Have a Rio-themed party

    Whether you want exotic birds or an over-the-top carnival party, a Rio-themed party will be one to remember. It can also be tied in with a masquerade party.

5 Facts About The Name Rio That You Should Know

  1. Top 10 most popular girls' names

    Japan is the only country in the world where the name Rio enters the top 10 list of most popular, and although most societies regard it as a boy's name, in Japan, it is predominantly given to females.

  2. It's a source of strength

    In recent polls in the U.S., the name Rio was found to exude feelings of or connote strength.

  3. Many sources for the name Rio

    In the Bible, the name ‘Rio’ differs slightly in meaning from other European sources as it means ‘from the river.’

  4. Numerological meaning

    According to the Angel Numbers, Rio has a numerological score of 42, which fits the river's symbolism, and urges individuals to continue to cut the path that they are on as they will be rewarded for their perseverance, much like a river.

  5. Duran Duran

    In 1982, Duran Duran released their second studio album, “Rio,” and by 1983, the album went double platinum.

Why We Love National Rio Day

  1. It means river

    There are so many names in the world, but Rio is an awesome name to celebrate. It has a wonderful meaning behind it, which connects those who have the name with the environment around them.

  2. It speaks to a happy place

    It's just a fun and positive name, regardless of which culture or ethnic group uses the name. It seems to transcend those boundaries and still come through as a positive name for both males and females.

  3. Rio de Janeiro

    It’s probably the first thing you think about when you hear the name Rio, and it's such a fantastic association to make. National Rio Day is a great day to enjoy oneself.

National Rio Day dates

2024May 20Monday
2025May 20Tuesday
2026May 20Wednesday
2027May 20Thursday
2028May 20Saturday

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