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National Jase Day – May 20, 2024

If you (or someone you know) answer to the name Jase, you’re in for a treat — because it’s National Jase Day on May 20! As the name of the holiday suggests, this event is all about people named Jase. This consistently popular name has long been a favorite of parents of male children across the U.S. and is still quite close to the top of the baby name charts. So, all you Jases, get ready for some fun!

History of National Jase Day

‘Jase’ has connections to the Greek language. According to historians, ‘Jase’ was first used as a nickname for Jason, which derives from the Greek ‘iasthai’ meaning “to heal.” So, ‘Jason’ actually means ‘healer.’ Jase has been used as a derivation of this name.

Jason frequently appears on baby name charts too, as one of the top contenders for male baby names. It has apparently even spawned the creation of similar-sounding names such as Jackson, Mason, and Jacob.

Jase has also repeatedly made its way to the baby names list in the U.S. making it popular as a name for baby boys and girls in the 80s and 90s, according to S.S.A. records. In 2013, Jase joined Jace — the same name with a different spelling — in the top 100 baby names ranking 89th. Both names have seen a slight decline in popularity, although Jase became more popular five decades ago. Records indicate Jase was at number 370 around five years ago but remains a close contender in regard to other baby names on the list.

Before Jase was used as a first name, it appeared on the scene as a family name (or last name). Between the 1840s and the 1920s, many families with the last name Jase lived in the U.S., the U.K., Canada, and Scotland. American history books indicate that the highest number of Jase families lived in the U.S. around the 1880s.

While today’s parents choose a contemporary variation of Jase, with Jace, Jayce, and Jayson being the top three names for newborns, Jase is still a popular and strong name preferred by many parents in various countries.

National Jase Day timeline

Its Uniqueness is Proven

U.S. demographic research proves Jase is uncommon as a first name for males and as a last name.

March 27, 2007
The YA World Has its Own Jace

The famous mortal instruments series names one of the lead protagonists as Jonathan Christopher “Jace” Herondale.

July 19, 2007
A Soap Opera Character Named Jase

A BBC soap opera introduces a new character — a tragic romantic interest and gangster named Jase Dyer.

The Name Becomes Popular

It ranks at number 89 on the U.S. most popular baby names list and stays in the top 300 consistently after that.

National Jase Day FAQs

What does the name Jase mean?

Jase (if it is indeed short for Jason) means healer.

Is Jase a unisex name?

Jace has been used as a gender-neutral name by many people and can be a great name for both boys and girls.

How do you pronounce Jase?

Jase is usually pronounced “JHEY-S” in phonetic terms.

National Jase Day Activities

  1. Remember the Jases in your family

    Do you have family members or friends named Jase? Do they know you like their name? This day is your chance to tell them! Go ahead and share how much you like their name, and tell them about the history of this day too.

  2. Celebrate every Jase

    Now that you’ve made your Jase feel special, how about sharing that sentiment with the other Jases in the world? Make your pitch on social media, in your community, and in other public areas. Let them know it’s National Jase Day.

  3. Suggest Jase as a baby name

    Know any expectant mothers who would welcome baby name suggestions? Then why not suggest Jase?

5 Fun Facts About The Name Jase

  1. It’s a common nickname too

    It’s so common that famous personalities like American reality TV personality Jason Silas Robertson and politician James Bolger are both nicknamed Jase.

  2. Jason is in Greek mythology

    Jason, an ancient Greek mythological hero, was the leader of a band of heroes called Argonauts, whose exploits are narrated multiple times in Greek literature.

  3. Most Jase families were farmers

    In the 1940s, descendants of Jase families made a living as farmers of whom 64% were men, according to official census reports.

  4. Jase is more common in certain places

    The name Jase is more popular in the English-speaking countries of Canada, the U.K., the U.S., and so on.

  5. Jason reigns supreme on the charts

    Jason has also enjoyed much popularity in the baby name charts, staying among the top 50 for more than two decades, that is, from 1982 to 2004.

Why We Love National Jase Day

  1. It’s unique

    Like it or love it, the name Jase is certainly not very commonplace, even if it is popular. We think Jase is a wonderfully different name that represents a person’s special character.

  2. It’s got old history

    Jase has a very rich history and background laden with stories of our ancestors. Not only is the name inspired by a centuries-old Hebrew name, but it was also a family name.

  3. It’s versatile

    You may spell it with a ‘c’ or an ‘s.’ You may use it as a nickname or a first name. This name is pretty flexible and works well with any style you choose.

National Jase Day dates

2024May 20Monday
2025May 20Tuesday
2026May 20Wednesday
2027May 20Thursday
2028May 20Saturday

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