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TueMay 20

National High Heel Day – May 20, 2025

National High Heel Day falls on May 20 in honor of the strutters, the confidence givers, the posture fixers — high heels. Invented as a cosmetic aid, this multi-billion dollar product is now all about making a fashion statement. Someone once said, “the higher the heels, the closer to God,” and we may just agree. This exciting day came into existence in 2021 through a court order issued by Judge Gisela Laurent in an undisclosed settlement. Women all over the United States celebrate the holiday by donning their best pairs and heading out with confidence.

History of National High Heel Day

High-heeled shoes, the carrier of femininity and grace, have a remarkable place in history as the ultimate friend and foe to women, so it is fitting to honor them with a day of their own. Developed and adopted by Supreme Court Mediator Kimberly E. Lorenz at the request of Judge Gisela Laurent, the day celebrates this fabulous footwear in all its glory.

Women all over the world owe the origination of their favorite wardrobe accessory to foot soldiers of the 17th-century Persian army, who wore boots with high heels to save their shoes from being muddled and trashed. The rich caught the fancy soon enough and began using heels as a status symbol. It wasn’t until the early 1800s that heels became a common foot accessory and a replacement for traditional shoes thanks to the invention of the sewing machine which paved the way for the mass production of heels.

The perception around the heels changed again as wars overtook much of the 20th century and the luxury of wearing fashionable shoes vanished from the public. It was in the late 1980s that heels became the center of the western style statement. After being embraced by pop icons such as Freddie Mercury, Madonna, and much of the Jazz conclave, heels became the talk of the town again. The conversation about the impracticality of heels brought forward by the second wave of Feminism was balanced by their irresistible charm. Today, a pair of heels continues to be the final addition to a party look and adds miles to a woman’s style and wardrobe.

National High Heel Day timeline

A Man’s Status Symbol

Heels are associated with riding horses and are seen as a measure of wealth and stature.

The Gender Switch

Women become the primary wearer of heels, and around 1730, men stop wearing heels altogether.

A Turn for Fashion

The modern-day use of heels experiences a departure from being a utility to a fashion accessory.

The Era of the Unpractical

Stilettos, Pinet, and Continental heels become the rage of the millennium as fashion houses lead the conversation around shoes.

National High Heel Day FAQs

Is it harmful to wear heels every day?

Wearing heels higher than two inches can be harmful to your posture and spine. There are many issues related to wearing high-heeled shoes every day.

What is the appropriate size of heels?

A three-inch heel is considered to be the average heel height.

Who invented stilettos?

Stilettos are the invention of shoe designer Roger Vivier, who sought inspiration from needles to create a slender heel.

National High Heel Day Activities

  1. Wear your most fabulous shoes

    It’s time to dust off your five-inch stilettos or that boot you’ve had stored up at the back of your closet all year. Let’s put our best heels forward and turn heads as we walk out the door.

  2. Have a shoe parade

    The only thing better than rocking a solid pair of heels is having a fashion parade with all your best shoes. Ring up your best friends and have a shoe parade. It doesn’t have to be a Giuseppe Zanotti or Prada. All that matters is the display of confidence and your love for heels.

  3. Donate some shoes

    Lest we forget that the less fortunate who walk amongst us may not be able to afford the luxury of covering their feet. On National High Heels Day, donate a pair of your sensible shoes to shelters or Goodwill, and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

5 Thrilling Facts About Heels

  1. God thank the king

    Louis XIV, the King of France, is partially responsible for the popularization of heels in the 17th century.

  2. A symbol of desire

    The advent of pornography in the late 1800s started the link between heels and erotica.

  3. The wooden shoe

    Until the 1950s, heels were largely made from wood.

  4. The hidden meaning of ‘stiletto’

    The word ‘stiletto’ translates to ‘dagger’ in Italian.

  5. A two-hour pleasure window

    Medical experts believe that the average time to wear heels comfortably is an hour and six minutes.

Why We Love National High Heel Day

  1. The right shoe matters

    You are either in your bed, or in your shoes, and it pays to invest in both. On National High Heels Day, we celebrate the power of shoes and their transformational impact on our confidence.

  2. An extension of a woman’s body

    High heels are an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe and just may be a gateway to her soul. Many women express their style and creativity through their shoes. This is the perfect day to honor the love for high heels.

  3. It’s a piece of art

    Wearing high heels can be a painful experience but women still sign up for it because the charm of a glossy heel outweighs the discomfort. This categorizes high heels as a piece of art — beautiful but only from a distance.

National High Heel Day dates

2025May 20Tuesday
2026May 20Wednesday
2027May 20Thursday
2028May 20Saturday
2029May 20Sunday

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