July 27th Birthdays

We have 11 birthdays listed for July 27.

July 27th is the 208th day in the Gregorian calendar. In 1789, Congress established the Department of Foreign Affairs, which eventually became the State Department. In 1909, Orville Wright set the record for lonest fight. In 1974, Congress asked for impeachment procedures against President Nixon. Alex Rodriguez and Jerry Van Dyke were born on this day. It marks National Creme Brûlée Day and National Scotch Day are celebrated on July 27th.


Robin Thede’s Birthday

This multi-talented individual has had a wonderful career so far and she isn't stopping anytime soon.


Sarah Miller’s Birthday

Today, we’re getting to know Sarah Miller, the highly brilliant tattoo artist that knows no bounds.


iDubbbzTV’s Birthday

He’s a YouTube star, comedian, and T.V. producer — what can’t he do?


Jacqueline Walters’s Birthday

She is a brilliant doctor who aspires to help others to the best of her abilities.


Elvis the Alien’s Birthday

There is no stopping this sensational YouTuber, comedian, and reviewer on his path to success.


Danny Duncan’s Birthday

This YouTube sensation has exploded in popularity and shows no signs of slowing down.


Baby Goth’s Birthday

There is no way but up for this superstar as her career is exponentially rising.


Alex Rodriguez’s Birthday

This baseball star has achieved great success and is still rising and accomplishing many things.


Abby Roberts’s Birthday

This star has gained millions of followers across social media platforms, becoming a social media sensation.