Day: February 20, 2017

National Love Your Pet Day – February 20

There are many things that differentiate humans from the rest of the animal kingdom, but one of the more unusual traits is our longstanding tendency to keep other animals as pets. While there have been a handful of examples of other animals keeping pets (Koko the gorilla and her cats are a commonly-cited instance), we're the only species where it's a common occurrence. In fact, Gallup states that six in ten Americans are current pet owners. It only makes sense to commemorate something that's so important to so many people, so on Feb. 20, we celebrate our pets with Love Your Pet Day!

National Muffin Day – February 20

Can you think of something more universally loved than muffins? English muffins have been spotted in kitchens as far back as a thousand years ago in Wales, and American style muffins have been around since the 18th century. The beloved muffin deserves a day of its own, and for that, we have Feb. 20. It's National Muffin Day! How are you going to celebrate?
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