September 30th Birthdays

We have 11 birthdays listed for September 30.

September 30th is the 273rd day of the Gregorian calendar. Suleiman the Magnificent became sultan of the Ottoman Empire; Mozart’s debut performance of “The Magic Flute”, was presented two months before he died. Thomas Edison’s hydroelectric power plant started production. Famous birthdays include Fran Drescher and Kieran Culkin. Today is National Love People Day.

Rylo Rodriguez’s Birthday

Rylo has achieved success, but he still acts as a voice for the youth.


T-Pain’s Birthday

This Grammy-winning musical artist has always known how to be a high achiever.


Max Verstappen’s Birthday

The stakes for the next generation's top speed champion are quite high.


Raveena Aurora’s Birthday

The world is eager to watch this talented singer who has shown so much potential.


Maddie Ziegler’s Birthday

This young, spirited, celebrated dancer knows how to fly like a bird!


Johnny Mathis’s Birthday

This musical icon has been making beautiful music since he was a kid.


Fran Drescher’s Birthday

Fran Drescher is a film icon who knows a thing or two about success!


Elie Wiesel’s Birthday

Celebrate the holocaust survivor who used his horrific experience to better humanity.


Captain Kirk Douglas’s Birthday

Captain Kirk Douglas from The Roots is a talented guitarist and audience favorite.