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SatAug 10

National S’mores Day – August 10, 2024

We honor the most commonly packed camping snack by celebrating National S’mores Day on August 10. Summertime is finally here and with it comes camping and gathering around the firepit in the great outdoors. Originating right here in the U.S.A., the s’more has us salivating in anticipation of smashing those tasty toasted marshmallows with a slab of chocolate between two graham crackers. Read on for the latest trends in s’more-making and try a new twist on an old favorite tonight.

History of National S’mores Day

While the origins of National S’mores Day remain unknown, s’more, the great American camping treat, has a long, delicious history. The first mention of such a treat was in the 1920s in a book of recipes published by Campfire Marshmallows, home of the original marshmallow and still in business today. At that time, the recipe was called a ‘Graham Cracker Sandwich’ and suggested the treat had already been made popular by the Boy- and Girl Scouts.

 Later, in 1927, the Girl Scouts published a similar recipe in “Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts” but they called it ‘some more.’ Finally, in the late ’30s to late ’50s, various recipes gave the name as we know it today, s’mores.

 The ingredients for the original s’mores are: one marshmallow, milk chocolate squares, and two graham crackers. The traditional method for making s’mores is by a campfire and it’s hard to beat that experience. Part of the fun is each person searching for their own long, sturdy stick capable of holding a mound of marshmallows over the fire for toasting.

 Then comes the toasting debate — how toasted do you prefer your marshmallows? Of course, this leads to a full-on psychological evaluation. Do you set your marshmallow on the fire and blow the flame out once it is burnt? Do you allow your marshmallow to hover over the flame and toast to a less than charred yet caramelized state? Do you barely get the marshmallow tan?

 Whatever your preference on marshmallow toasted-ness, the end result is the same — huge smiles and full bellies. Enjoy your time today with family, friends, and the gooey goodness of s’mores!

National S’mores Day timeline

Graham Crackers Invented

Reverend Sylvester Graham (a minister who believed in avoiding processed wheat) invents the sweet whole wheat cracker named after him in 1829.

The First Campground

Frederick Gunn founds the first U.S. campground, Gunnery Camp, in Washington, Connecticut.

First Reference to ‘Some More’

The Girl Scouts publish “Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts,” which includes a recipe for ‘some mores.’

Girl Scouts Introduce Two S’mores

To meet the demand for their new cookies, S’mores, the Girl Scouts select two manufacturers to make two different versions of their classic cookies.

National S’mores Day FAQs

How can you make s’mores healthy?

For a healthier version of this delicious treat, use dark chocolate, wholewheat graham crackers, and a sugar-free, fat-free, and no-carbs brand of marshmallows.


Is there really such a thing as s’mores beer?

Thankfully, yes! Several breweries around the U.S. offer this unique flavor. Check one of these out: Self S’more-antine by Perrin Brewing Company in Comstock Park, Michigan; Barrel Aged S’mores Stout by Octopi Brewing in Waunakee, Wisconsin; or Campfire Stout by High Water Brewing in Lodi, California. Definitely worth a road trip!


Is there anyone who hasn’t tried a s’more?

Yes, studies show about 13% of the U.S. population have only had a s’more over a campfire and 41% of people living in large, metro cities have never had a s’more.

Ways to Celebrate National S’mores Day

  1. Go camping

    The best place to be today is around a campfire, preferably in the woods with family and friends. Did you know, 50% of the marshmallows sold during the summer are toasted around the campfire? Today, raise a toasted marshmallow in honor of camping’s favorite treat.

  2. Host a s’mores bar

    Invite friends over for a night around your fire pit to enjoy a s’mores bar. Make a beautiful spread of the main ingredients but have a few surprise additions such as strawberries, raspberries, sprinkles, various chocolate chips, and chocolate sauce for drizzling. Did we mention you can buy chocolate stuffed marshmallows now? A sure-(camp)fire crowd-pleaser!

  3. Try unique s’mores-themed foods

    We live in the age of ‘limited edition flavors’ of every snack food known to man. S’mores is a wildly popular flavor so look for a few of these to sample as a tasty twist on classic treats like: muffins, cereal, cookies, candy bars, ice cream, trail mix, donuts, and granola bars. And, we’ve likely missed a few!

5 Fun Facts About S’mores

  1. ​Favorite time of year to eat s’mores

    ​While 41% of people surveyed in a recent study enjoy s’mores most during the summer, the 20% die-hards enjoy them year-round.

  2. The best part of the process

    It’s no surprise that 60% of people say roasting marshmallows is the best part of creating the perfect s’more.

  3. ​A camping tradition

    ​31% of those who have eaten s’mores have only made them over the campfire.

  4. Have s’more fun

    Over half of people surveyed in a study know of at least one alternative way of making s’mores instead of over a campfire.

  5. A family favorite

    ​75% of parents say they enjoy s’mores with their kids during the summer.

National S’mores Day dates

2024August 10Saturday
2025August 10Sunday
2026August 10Monday
2027August 10Tuesday
2028August 10Thursday

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