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SatAug 10

National Shapewear Day – August 10, 2024

National Shapewear Day is a holiday that is observed on August 10. It is a fun way to show appreciation for the fashion item that is used and loved by many people. National Shapewear Day was founded in the year 2017 by The Pink Room. The purpose of the holiday is to celebrate and create awareness of the ongoing advancements and benefits of foundation garments. Shapewear is an undergarment that makes people feel more confident and beautiful to give a smoothening and slimming effect to the body.

History of National Shapewear Day

National Shapewear day is celebrated on August 10 to show appreciation for the garments that have been giving people confidence for years. Shapewear can be dated back to the beginning of the development of clothes in civilization. Right from the Greek and Roman times, there have been archaeological drawings that show women wearing garments with the likeness of a corset. Corsets and shaping undergarments became a part of required fashion during the 16th-century. There have been many changes in fashion that followed the original corset since the time fashion trends were determined by royalty. The corset can be said to be the most notable item in a woman’s clothing.

The Shapewear worn in the 21st century has changed a lot. Modern Shapewear is not as constricting, difficult, and impractical as the shapewear worn by women in the past. Shapewear has developed to meet the needs of modern society with advanced materials being used to construct shapewear that is flexible and durable. It also now comes in many different styles and shapes that can target different parts of the body.

Some shapewear is worn to smoothen the stomach, thighs, or arms, easily making the body look good. Good shapewear provides support to the wearer. It gives women a more polished look that boosts self-confidence. Shapewear can be worn underneath most clothes, making it ideal for many different occasions.

National Shapewear Day timeline

1600 B.C.
Earliest Records

Shapewear dates back to the times of the Mycenaean Greek.

16th Century
A Trend

Royals set the trend for wearing shapewear as a part of fashion.

The Supermodel Era

This era was obsessed with getting a slim body with intense elastic materials.

A Holiday is Founded

National Shapewear Day is founded by The Pink Room.

National Shapewear Day FAQs

Is it okay to wear a girdle every day?

Daily wearing of a girdle can help reduce the waistline, shape the hips and achieve a good posture. As long as a healthy lifestyle is maintained and it causes no discomfort, wearing a girdle every day would do the body good.

Is shapewear the same as a girdle?

One primary difference between shapewear and girdles is that they target different parts of the body. Girdles are primarily concerned with smoothing out just one part of the body.

Can shapewear reshape your body permanently?

Shapewear can only accentuate the curves of your body, it cannot permanently reshape your body.

How tight should shapewear be?

While shapewear should feel tight and secure, it should also be comfortable to breathe and move around in.

Can you sleep in shapewear?

It is advised not to sleep in shapewear. Taking time off shapewear is also beneficial to the body.

National Shapewear Day Activities

  1. Wear shapewear

    You can take part in the holiday by wearing shapewear. It makes the body smoother and appear better in clothes.

  2. Buy shapewear

    You can buy your first piece of shapewear or add it to your collection. New shapewear designs will give you the trendy look you desire.

  3. Gift someone shapewear

    You can send a gift card to a friend to purchase some shapewear or you can send the shapewear itself! They will be happy you did.

5 Interesting Facts About Shapewears

  1. It reduces dress size

    Wearing shapewear reduces dress size by about one to three sizes.

  2. Steel Corsets

    Women of the 16th century had to wear corsets made of steel which looked more like a torture device.

  3. Shapewears increases sweating

    The recent materials used in making shapewear such as neoprene increases sweating which helps in melting unnecessary fat.

  4. It improves posture

    Shapewear worn on the waist can support your back and improve posture.

  5. A girdle at an auction

    One of Marilyn Monroe's girdles was sold at an auction in 2010.

Why We Love National Shapewear Day

  1. It creates awareness

    National Shapewear Day helps to raise awareness about the garments. This can help a lot of people boost their confidence.

  2. It provides support

    The holiday provides support to the makers of shapewear. It allows them to know they are appreciated.

  3. It leads to solutions

    The holiday leads to conversations about shapewear. These conversations can in many ways lead to improvements in the garments.

National Shapewear Day dates

2024August 10Saturday
2025August 10Sunday
2026August 10Monday
2027August 10Tuesday
2028August 10Thursday

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