National Short Girl Appreciation Day – December 21, 2020

Mon Dec 21

National Short Girl Appreciation Day is celebrated on December 21. This is fitting, since December 21 is also the first day of winter (aka the shortest day of the year!). As such, this is the perfect time to show your appreciation for all the short women in your life. Anyone who is under 5’5″ is included in the “short” category. And, since the average American woman is between 5’3″ and 5’4″, that means there are plenty of short women to appreciate. You’d better get started!

National Short Girl Appreciation Day timeline


Proof that shortness pays off

According to a medical study, shorter people have less risk of suffering age-related chronic diseases, and are more likely to reach advanced ages than their taller counterparts.


Searching for short women

After studying a major dating website, researchers found that shorter women receive about 40 percent more messages than extra tall women.


Being short can save your hips

Researchers concluded that women under 5’2" are less likely to sustain a hip fracture than those who are 5’8” and taller.

National Short Girl Appreciation Day Activities

  1. Extra special treatment

    Celebrate the day by finding a short woman you know and treating her with extra kindness.

  2. Offer to help them out

    Offer to grab a grocery item from the very top shelf next time you go to the store.

  3. Remind them of all the great things about being short

    These include always having legroom on the plane, plus shopping in the petite AND regular clothing section.

4 Short Women Doing Just Fine, Thank You

  1. Dolly Parton (5'0")

    Parton's easily one of the biggest country music stars of all time.

  2. Anna Kendrick (5'0")

    Kendrick has starred in films like "Pitch Perfect," "A Simple Favor," and "Up In The Air."

  3. Shakira (5'2")

    Shakira's a Colombian singer, songwriter, dancer, businesswoman, and philanthropist.

  4. Carrie Underwood (5'3")

    With smash hits like "Jesus Take The Wheel," "Before He Cheats," and "Smoke Break," Underwood has become one of pop/country music's top stars.

Why We Love National Short Girl Appreciation Day

  1. Born this way

    A person’s height is mostly due to their genetic makeup. And, considering all the advantages there are to being short, this is a wonderful and unexpected blessing!

  2. The advantages

    You almost never have to duck to avoid hitting your head on something. You also never have a problem with having your feet hang off the bed, and there’s always a blanket long enough for you. Plus, the CUTE shoes… need we say more?

  3. Short is beautiful

    Never judge a short woman by her size. They can handle themselves just fine.

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