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SunSep 15

National Ruben Day – September 15, 2024

National Ruben Day, celebrated on September 15 every year, is a special celebration that appreciates, honors, celebrates, and sheds the spotlight on everyone named Ruben across the world. Do you know how many people in the world are named Ruben? There are more than 200,000 people in the world named Ruben. Yes, Ruben is one of the popular names in the U.S., and statistically, there are 40.74 people named Ruben for every 100,000 Americans. So, what is the meaning of the name ‘Ruben?’ Were there any significant personalities in history who carried the name? Read on to find out more.

History of National Ruben Day

The history of the origin of the name ‘Ruben’ goes a long way back. The name ‘Ruben’ is a cognate of ‘Reuben’ which is derived from Hebrew ‘Reuven’ meaning ‘behold a son.’ In the Bible, Reuben was the firstborn son of Jacob and Leah. He was the founder of the Israelite Tribe of Reuben. There are two different etymologies for the name of Reuben, which textual scholars attribute to different sources. The first explanation for the name given by Torah is that it refers to God having witnessed Leah’s misery, regarding her status as the least favorite of Jacob’s wives. The second explanation for the name ‘Ruben’ refers to Leah’s hope that Ruben’s birth would make Jacob love her.

Ruben is traditionally used as a boy’s name. However, feminine suffixes like -ina are added to create girl names such as Rubina. There are many variations of the name Ruben. Some of them are: Reuben, Reuven, Rueben, Rube, Rupen, Roupen, Raiden, Roopen, Rooben, and Ruban. Ruben has a great appeal to a range of parents, with an image of goodness and warmth.

Some of the common nicknames for Ruben include Ben, Benny, Ru, Roo, Rube, and Rubie. Biblically, people named Ruben are believed to follow anyone in the footsteps of leadership and courage, no matter their faith. So, if you’re looking for a name for your newborn, Ruben can be a great choice.

National Ruben Day timeline

The War General

Ruben Lagus, one of the commanders of the Lapland War, is born.

The Mentalist

Reuben Fine, an American chess player, and psychologist, is born.

The Footballer

Reuben Hazell, an English former professional footballer, is born.

The Great Singer

Ruben Markussen, a Norwegian singer-songwriter, is born.

National Ruben Day FAQs

Is Ruben a good baby name?

Yes, Ruben is a strong-sounding boy’s name and maybe a fitting name for a beautiful baby boy. ‘Ruben’ is actually a Spanish spelling variant of the Hebrew ‘Reuben.’

Is Ruben a boy name?

The name Ruben is derived from the Hebrew words ‘ra’a,’ meaning ‘to see, to understand,’ and ‘ben,’ meaning ‘son.’ Thus, this phrase translates to “behold a son.” So, yes, Ruben is a boy’s name.

How rare is the name Ruben?

The name Ruben was the 465th most popular boy’s name. In 2020, there were 632 baby boys named Ruben. In fact, one out of every 2,898 baby boys born in 2020 is named Ruben.

National Ruben Day Activities

  1. Celebrate Ruben

    The best thing you can do to celebrate National Ruben Day is by celebrating with all the Rubens you know. Do you have a friend named Ruben? Call him and let him know that you care.

  2. Treat yourself, Ruben

    Are you a Ruben? This is the perfect day of the year to plan some me-time. Take a break from your routine and have this day for yourself.

  3. Throw a party

    If you are a Ruben or if you know someone named Ruben, invite all your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors and throw a party. National Ruben Day is all about having fun!

5 Rumbling Facts About Rubens

  1. Top 500

    The name Ruben is ranked among 460 famous names in the U.S.

  2. Ruben is loved

    Ruben is one of the names that have several name variations from cultures across the world.

  3. It’s common in Spain

    Ruben is a name that is quite common in Spanish nations.

  4. Ruben attracts power

    It is said that people named Ruben have a personality that naturally attracts power.

  5. Family-oriented

    According to some, people named Ruben are very loving and family-oriented.

Why We Love National Ruben Day

  1. It’s a special day

    National Ruben Day is a special day that the whole population of Rubens expects year on year. During this celebration, Rubens fills their hearts with happiness and peace and wishes the same to everyone.

  2. It’s a day to celebrate

    Although National Ruben Day is not that popular yet, it is an up-and-coming day. So, it’s a day to celebrate, enjoy and honor your friends named Ruben and their role in your life.

  3. Everybody is unique

    Although there are hundreds of thousands of people named Ruben in this world, everybody is unique. National Ruben Day is one such day that reminds us that we all are unique as well as connected.

National Ruben Day dates

2024September 15Sunday
2025September 15Monday
2026September 15Tuesday
2027September 15Wednesday
2028September 15Friday

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