June 21st Birthdays

We have 6 birthdays listed for June 21.

June 21st is the 172nd day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. On this day, New Hampshire is admitted as the ninth state in the United States, Lord Mountbatten resigns as Governor General of India, and English mathematician Andrew Wiles proves last theorem of Fermat. Famous birthdays include, Prince William, and Chris Pratt. Today is National Selfie Day, Summer Solstice, World Day of Music and International Yoga Day.


Rebecca Black’s Birthday

She deserves accolades for becoming one of pop culture's most enduring accidental success stories.


Max Schneider’s Birthday

For this multifaceted singer and actor, there is a wealth of exciting possibilities to explore.


Lana Del Rey’s Birthday

Aside from the great music, what do you really know about Lana Del Rey?


Chris Pratt’s Birthday

For his role in “Jurassic Park,” Chirs Pratt is known by audiences all over the world.