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Read to Your Child Day – February 14, 2023

The United States celebrates Read to Your Child Day every February 14. The day’s objective is simple: to ensure that we raise the future generation of readers. On this day, parents are encouraged to read to their children and help them discover the wonderful world of stories. With stories, children can hone their imagination, creativity, and intellect. Books also make us empathetic and open windows into new worlds. Read to Your Child Day also highlights the need for public libraries and bookstores catering to young readers. Celebrate the day with your tiny tots!

History of Read to Your Child Day

We don’t know how or when Read to Your Child Day came to be, but we do understand why there’s so much emphasis on its celebrations. Reading to a child is one of the surest ways to develop their literacy and make them more receptive to instructions. Studies have found that reading a child one short book per day will familiarize them with 290,000 more words before they even walk into their kindergarten class than those who don’t have a regular reading session. And if you read to your child five short books a day, their vocabulary will surge to 1.4 million words!

Jessica Logan, one of the researchers in the study, says kids with a more expansive vocabulary are also more likely to pick up reading skills at a younger age. Growing up with books also improves reading comprehension, math skills, and communication abilities. Further studies suggest that reading can extend your lifespan, alleviate stress, and make you more creative and empathetic.

Parents think they have to wait until their child goes to school for them to start reading to them. But that is far from the truth. Reading books will also familiarize babies with sensations, including colors and textures. Picture books and chapter books are terrific options for getting really young children into the habit of reading. As they grow up, they can experiment with genres, authors, and languages. There are plenty of books to appeal to all kinds of young readers.

Read to Your Child Day timeline

“Five on a Treasure Island”

Enid Blyton publishes the first of her “Famous Five” books.


Roald Dahl publishes the children’s classic story.

“Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”

J.K. Rowling’s best-selling book is published.

“Percy Jackson & the Olympians”

Rick Riordan publishes the first book in his series.

Read to Your Child Day FAQs

What age should children be able to read by?

Most children learn to read by six or seven years of age. Some children learn at four or five years of age.

What is the best way to teach a child to read?

You can use songs and nursery rhymes with simple words to build phonemic awareness. Make simple word cards at home and make it a print-rich environment. You can also play word games at home or in the car.

What are the four methods of teaching reading?

The phonics method, the whole-word approach, the language experience approach, and the context support method.

Read to Your Child Day Activities

  1. Get a library membership

    Celebrate Read to Your Child Day by getting a library membership for your child. Sign up at the local community library. This is also a wonderful way to meet other readers and discover new books.

  2. Read to your child

    There’s no better way to celebrate Read to Your Child Day than by spending the day reading to your child. Pick their favorite stories. You can also promise to read to them every day. Reading before bed is a good practice, and is a great way for you and your child to bond. Even if you do not have children, you can celebrate by volunteering to read to other kids.

  3. Write a story

    If your child loves reading then you might want to encourage them to write a story of their own. Celebrate Read to Your Child Day by encouraging your child to dip into their imagination and have fun with words.

5 Interesting Facts About Reading

  1. Reading is a stress buster

    Reading for six minutes a day can alleviate stress levels by 68%.

  2. We can read many words easily

    Reading 20 minutes a day is equal to reading 1,800,000 words a year.

  3. The fastest way to build vocabulary

    Children can learn up to 12,000 words each year just by reading.

  4. Every book counts

    Reading one book to your child each day means they will have listened to 1,825 books by the time they turn five.

  5. Home libraries are important

    Having as few as 20 books can be equal to three years of schooling.

Why We Love Read to Your Child Day

  1. An endangered habit

    With the advent of the internet and gadgets, fewer children are likely to spend their time reading. Read to Your Child Day aims to rectify that by encouraging parents and children to rediscover the joy of books.

  2. Makes us better people

    It is well-known that reading can make us more empathetic. By raising a future generation of readers, Read to Your Child Day ensures that we build a kinder, more considerate, and more generous world.

  3. Quality time with children

    If you have been struggling lately with spending quality time with your children, Read to Your Child Day reminds us that something as simple as reading to them could turn into a great bonding activity.

Read to Your Child Day dates

2023February 14Tuesday
2024February 14Wednesday
2025February 14Friday
2026February 14Saturday
2027February 14Sunday

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