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MonMar 10

National Drake Day – March 10, 2025

National Drake Day is celebrated on March 10 each year. It’s a holiday to mark and show respect to everyone named ‘Drake,’ the meaning of which demonstrates ‘strength,’ ‘power,’ and ‘fear’ and will appeal to everyone. Everyone pays attention to the name of their interlocutor, and everyone even has a favorite one. Some attach great importance to the moniker, others — not so much. But the fact remains that the name plays a significant role in shaping the personality. On National Drake Day, we celebrate the appearance of another beautiful name, Drake.

History of National Drake Day

Drake is a male name of British origin. It is easy to pronounce and understandable and has existed since ancient times. So in the 17th century, it was a nickname for someone cruel and scary. As a surname, it received faith from Francis Drake, a bold 16th-century English explorer.

When it comes to the name’s origins, it must be noted that the Old English name ‘Draca’ meant ‘snake’ or ‘dragon.’ Also known as ‘Drake’ in Middle English or, less frequently, ‘Draki’ in Old Norse. Both names are common and, less often, personal. Old English and Old Norse forms derive from the Latin term ‘Draco,’ meaning ‘snake’ or ‘monster.’ Considering the English and Dutch origins, we see that ‘Drake’ was formed from the Middle English ‘drake,’ the Middle Dutch ‘drake’ ‘male duck,’ from the Middle Lower German ‘andrake.’

According to American statistics, the name ‘Drake’ was not prevalent until the 1980s and took almost 1,000th place in the ranking. However, since 1988 the situation has changed. The moniker became more popular and was already in the top 200 in 2010. To date, there is a downward trend. According to 2020, Drake is ranked 533rd in the United States.

A name like Drake reflects a strong personality. He has magical abilities and excellent creative abilities. Drake is easy to communicate with people and loves art. With high self-esteem, Drake makes every effort to attract the attention of others. His friendly nature helps him to find many friends in life. Drake has a natural ability to encourage frustrated people to move forward in life. Famous people named Drake include Canadian rapper and actor Aubrey Drake Graham, American football player Drake Dunsmore, English singer, and songwriter Nick Drake, Canadian hockey player Drake Berehowsky, and others.

National Drake Day timeline

‘Room For Improvement’

Aubrey Drake Graham releases his debut mixtape.

The Global Ambassador

Drake becomes the new global ambassador of the Toronto Raptors.


Drake releases his double album, which contains the number one single Billboard Hot 100.

“Certified Lover Boy”

Drake’s long-awaited sixth album is one of the top nine hits in the Hot 100, setting a record for the number of the top U.S. hits from one album.

National Drake Day FAQs

Is Drake a popular name?

Despite the slow annual decline in the rating, it can still be considered one of the stylish modern names for boys.

How many children have the name, Drake?

Only 680 babies are named Drake in the United States this year.

What is the name of the male dragon?

In ‘actual’ biology, a male swan is referred to as a ‘drake,’ not the colloquial word for a specific kind of dragon.

National Drake Day Activities

  1. Go to a concert

    The most famous young man named Drake is a Canadian rapper. Book a ticket and go to a concert to celebrate National Drake Day.

  2. Spread the word about the Drakes

    Open your social media accounts and send the Drake your best wishes. Doing so will ensure everyone with the name Drake is happy on National Drake Day.

  3. Celebrate with friends

    On National Drake Day, you can gather with friends, have a small picnic, and explore the history of the name in more detail. This option is especially suitable if you have a friend named Drake.

5 Facts About The Rapper Drake That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. He is Jewish

    His father is an African-American Dennis Graham, from Memphis, Tennessee, and his mother is Jewish and from Canada.

  2. Music is in his blood

    His father was a drummer who worked with Jerry Lee Lewis, and his uncle Larry Graham played the bass guitar for Prince.

  3. He wrote songs for great artists

    Drake is not only a rapper, singer, and actor but also the author of songs for other superstars, including Alicia Keys, Jamie Foxx, and so on.

  4. Drake has a tattoo of Aaliyah

    The late singer had a tremendous impact on his career.

  5. He is a fan of “Harry Potter”

    Drake is such a big fan of “Harry Potter” that he even has a tattoo of the popular character on his back.

Why We Love National Drake Day

  1. It is meaningful

    Every name goes its way, lives its own story, and Drake is no exception. National Drake Day was established to remind people of the existence and history of the name Drake.

  2. We love the name

    The name ‘Drake’ is associated with the dragon. The Dragon is a favorite of both children and adults. On National Drake Day, we appreciate this beautiful and majestic name.

  3. It’s a day to honor your idol

    Numerous well-known figures serve as role models for people of all ages and generations, including authors, musicians, and bands with names like Drake. All Drake fans may commemorate a holiday honoring their favorite artist on National Drake Day.

National Drake Day dates

2025March 10Monday
2026March 10Tuesday
2027March 10Wednesday
2028March 10Friday
2029March 10Saturday

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