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National Colton Day – September 18, 2024

National Colton Day falls on September 18. This holiday is dedicated to celebrating anyone you know named Colton, whether they are your real-life friends or a celebrity. This special name was previously a common Irish surname but has been rising in popularity as a first name. It reached its peak in 2019 when it became in the top 60. This strong name is growing in popularity among those wanting a strong but uncommon name for their child.

History of National Colton Day

Colton is originally an Irish surname but is now very common as an English first name. It was derived from the variations O’Cómhaltáin and Collin. The surname Colin was anglicized as ‘Colton.’ It has now become a common English first name that means ‘from the coal’ or ‘coal town.’

The first recorded use of the name O’Cómhaltáin was in 964 A.D. by Comhaltán Ua Cleirigh, King of Uí Fiachrach Aidhne. Uí Fiachrach Aidhne was a kingdom that is now south of County Galway. The surname Colton is accosted with the Anglo-Saxon tribes of Britain, with many locations named Colton in Staffordshire, Norfolk, and Yorkshire. The first English family with this surname is associated with John Colton, born in 1404. The name also has strong British roots. This is related to Irish immigration to Great Britain which occurred over centuries. The earliest record of Irish people settling in Great Britain began in the early Middle Ages. Since then, there have been around 10 million Irish immigrants, which is more than the current population of Ireland itself. Ireland currently has 6.6 million people and peaked at 8.5 million during the Great Famine from 1845 to 1849.

With the discovery of the New World, Irish people began migrating to North America during the 1600s, most of whom resided in Virginia. This migration was documented in a well-known Irish ballad called “The Green Fields of America,” in which the migrants comment about having decent pay and no taxes to “devour up your wages.” The Colton family lineage could be traced to the Kennedy family.

National Colton Day timeline


Colton Greene begins serving in the civil war.


Colton Heynes stars in the popular T.V. show “Teen Wolf.”


Colton Dixon releases his first album after being eliminated from American Idol.


Colton Orr becomes the head coach of the Connecticut Whale.

National Colton Day FAQs

What nicknames can you use for the name Colton?

Cole and Colt are possible nicknames.

Can you spell Colton with a K?

Colton is the most popular spelling but some people choose Kolton, Kolten, or Colten as spelling variations.

Is Colton a popular name?

The name Colton began rising to the top 1,000 in the 1980s but has been in the top 100 and rising since 2000.

National Colton Day Activities

  1. Celebrate a Colton

    If you know anyone named Colton, take the day to celebrate your Colton and do their favorite things. If you are called Colton, invite your friends for a day out!

  2. Watch sports

    There aren’t many famous Coltons, but spend the day supporting your favorite one. There are many athletes named Colton, and they could always use your support.

  3. Suggest the name

    Know anyone who’s expecting? Suggest this cool but strong name to a friend.

5 Fun Facts About The Name Colton

  1. It has some great variations

    If you’re not a fan of the name Colton, consider its variations, Cole, Colt, or Colby for a girl.

  2. It fluctuated in popularity

    The name Colton first appeared in the US in the ‘80s and became mildly popular in the ‘90s but was obscure for a while.

  3. It has a weird meaning

    A district in Leeds was named Colton due to the abundance of coal in that area and the nickname Cola is used for someone who’s swarthy.

  4. It’s fairly new

    The name Colton was previously unheard of as a surname.

  5. It can be a girl’s name

    If you want a strong and unique name for a girl, look no further — the name Colton ranked at 4,672 in the U.S. for girls, making it unique and not overused.

Why We Love National Colton Day

  1. It’s a good name

    Colton is a solid name that’s not overused. It’s a great choice for those who like the last name as a first name trend.

  2. There are not a lot of Coltons

    There are still not that many famous Coltons. It gives your Colton plenty of chances to make themselves known.

  3. You can appreciate your Coltons

    This day gives you the chance to celebrate anyone you know named Colton. Take the day to enjoy the company of the Coltons in your life.

National Colton Day dates

2024September 18Wednesday
2025September 18Thursday
2026September 18Friday
2027September 18Saturday
2028September 18Monday

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