First Day of Fall – September 23, 2019

Mon Sep 23

For weeks, summer has slowly been slipping away. The days are getting shorter, the nights longer, and the first days of cool, crisp weather roll in. For many, it’s the best time of year: On September 23, the Fall Equinox for 2019 has arrived.

The season may be dominated these days by pumpkin-spiced everything, but the roots of the Fall Equinox go much further back than Starbucks. For thousands of years, the Fall Equinox has been celebrated as a time when the harvest comes to an end, when the fruits of a year’s worth of work become available, and when everyone must get ready for the coming winter. The period was always associated with a time for parties and and gathering with friends and family, which explains why there is such a strong autumnal spirit to this day. So head outside or huddle up inside and appreciate the changing of the seasons! 

First Day of Fall Activities

  1. Go pagan

    The ancient pagan cultures held the solstices and equinoxes in high regard, and often performed many traditions and rituals on these special celestial days. You can, too. One especially important part of the fall equinox was taking time to reflect on the good and the bad of the first three quarters of the year, a theme based on the equal amount of light and dark that is seen during the equinox.

  2. Make your own pumpkin spiced treat.

    Got a recipe that kills at every party? Well, maybe it can get the pumpkin spiced treatment, too. Brownies, cakes, pies, cocktails, and even savory pork and beef dishes can be kicked up a notch by this single spice. Or, invite your friends over and see what you all can cook up together.

  3. Get outside

    The summer’s heat is finally gone, so take advantage of these early crisp days of fall. Whether it’s just a simple walk around your neighborhood or a hike through the falling leaves, make it a point to get outside and notice the changes that are happening around you.

Why We Love First Day of Fall

  1. Pumpkin everything, everywhere

    It started innocently enough. A simple, sweet coffee drink that went well with the falling temperatures. But now, the Pumpkin Spiced Latte has spawned a cottage industry of pumpkin-spiced foods, from beers and breads to cocktails and savory meals. Its arrival is arguably even more awaited than the equinox itself, and for many, is the unofficial official start of fall.

  2. It kicks off the holiday season

    From Jack O'Lanterns, Halloween, and decorative gourds to Sunday afternoon football and Thanksgiving, the holiday season officially starts with the coming of fall. Once those first Halloween decorations go up, your house won’t look the same until after New Year’s, and that’s the way we like it.

  3. It’s cozy

    After a long summer of travel and adventures, sometimes what sounds best is a reason to stay inside on the couch all day. A dreary autumn day is the perfect time to catch up on the latest Netflix shows you’ve been missing out on, and falling asleep while watching your favorite gridiron team on Sundays is also totally acceptable. That’s what fall is for.