February 11th Birthdays

We have 10 birthdays listed for February 11.

February 11 is the 42nd day of the Gregorian calendar. The first appearance of the Virgin Mary is recorded in Lourdes, France; BBC produced a sci-fi television show, coining the term, “robot”. General Eisenhower assigned commander of all European armed forces. Famous birthdays include Jennifer Aniston, and Kelly Rowland. It’s National Make a Friend Day.

Thomas Edison’s Birthday

This genius rose from rags to riches and we’re here to celebrate his special day!


Roseanne Park’s Birthday

For this beautiful lead vocalist and dancer from “Blackpink,” the sky’s the limit!


Sarah Palin’s Birthday

Let's toast the first female Republican vice presidential candidate and governor right here!


Mehgan James’s Birthday

Learn more about why Mehgan James left “Bad Girls Club” and more right here!


Jennifer Aniston’s Birthday

From her sense of fashion to her friendships, we love Aniston for her humor and compassion.


Cody Herbinko’s Birthday

This Instagram and YouTube star rose to fame thanks to his charming personality and good looks!


Burt Reynolds’s Birthday

Burt Reynolds was multi-talented and there was nothing he couldn’t do in his life.


Brandy’s Birthday

Success is inevitable for someone as multi-talented in music, acting, and modeling as Brandy.