Cody Herbinko

Cody Herbinko, popularly known as Murderized, was born on February 11, 1999, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S. He is popular on Instagram, Vine, and Snapchat. Herbinko was a special guest on ‘The Boys of Summer Tour,’ which took him to 10 cities across the United States, including San Francisco, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, Dallas, Kansas City, and Chicago. Let’s celebrate his special day.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Cody Herbinko



Birth date:

February 11, 1999



Zodiac Sign:



5' 10"

Cody's Social Media:


Cody Herbinko was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on February 11, 1999. After dropping out of school in his freshman year, he began using social media in the summer of 2013. Herbinko finished his tenth grade at a cyber school and transferred to a regular school for his junior year. During that time, he steadily increased the number of followers on his Instagram and Twitter accounts, eventually reaching a fan base of a few thousand. However, Herbinko was overwhelmed by the hate he received on social media and decided to deactivate his account temporarily. Three months later, he reappeared under the new online alias “Murderized.” The username has no backstory, but Herbinko claims he was looking for a “cool” username and liked the word after learning it from a friend.

In 2018, Herbinko uploaded his first YouTube video, “Life is crazy,” which received over 19,000 views. He has since uploaded more videos, and the most recent is “Literally just me talking for 10 minutes,” which was uploaded in 2019 and had over 6,000 views. Herbinko’s mother is an outspoken supporter of his social media endeavors and frequently works as his manager. Even though Herbinko dislikes traveling and is shy, he attends various events across the country to please his fans.

Herbinko was in a relationship with Samantha Eklund from 2015 to 2017. They used to post pictures of their relationship goals on Instagram and videos on YouTube. Eklund started posting vlogs, shopping hauls, makeup, and beauty-related videos to her YouTube channel soon after meeting Herbinko.

Career timeline

He Begins to Use Social Media

After dropping out of high school in his freshman year, Herbinko starts using social media.

He Launches a YouTube Channel

Herbinko creates a YouTube channel named "codyherbinko."

He Posts His First YouTube Video

Herbinko uploads the video “Life is crazy" to YouTube.

He Breathes Life into His Instagram

Herbinko posts a picture on his Instagram page with the caption "2019" for the first time since 2018.

Why We Love Cody Herbinko

  1. He’s open about his life

    Herbinko has amassed thousands of fans on social media and thanks to his kindness and openness, he’s become close to them. Even though he is not a big fan of social media, he shares what he is up to with his fans to keep them up to date on his life.

  2. He’s kind

    Herbinko is a generous person who enjoys spending time with his family, friends, and fans. Money and fame, according to Herbinko, are meaningless if you don't have connections with others.

  3. He raises awareness against bullying

    Herbinko was bullied when he was younger, so he understands how difficult and harmful bullying can be. So, he uses his social media platform to raise awareness about the issues that bullying causes, as well as how difficult it is to deal with.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He’s a gamer

    Herbinko is an avid gamer; he originally intended to post gaming videos on his YouTube channel.

  2. He likes to play with tasers

    Herbinko enjoys playing with tasers and once uploaded a taser challenge video.

  3. He wanted to be a hairdresser

    When asked what he would have done if he hadn't become a social media sensation, Herbinko said he liked hairdressing and wanted to work in a salon.

  4. He can bake cookies

    Herbinko isn't just an Instagram sensation; he can also bake delicious cookies, as evidenced by a video he posted on his YouTube channel documenting the process.

  5. He loves tattoos and piercings

    Herbinko enjoys getting tattoos and piercings; over the years, he has gotten several tattoos and piercings.

Cody Herbinko FAQs

Where is Cody Herbinko?

Herbinko is taking a break from social media, but he occasionally posts on his accounts.

Is Cody Herbinko still selling merch?

Herbinko hasn’t sold merch since 2019, and his merch account on Instagram is still public but inactive.

Did Cody Herbinko delete his social media posts?

Herbinko deleted the majority of his posts on Instagram and all of his posts on TikTok.

Cody Herbinko’s birthday dates

2025February 11Tuesday
2026February 11Wednesday
2027February 11Thursday
2028February 11Friday
2029February 11Sunday

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