​National I Care About You Day – October 25, 2019

Fri Oct 25

Mark your calendars, and plan something special for your friends and family! We celebrate National I Care About You Day on October 25. This is the day where we honor everyone in our life for no other reason but to tell them we are grateful. Although this holiday was most recently launched in 2016, this day is highly popularized through social media tags and post shares. Scroll down to learn more inventive ways on how to celebrate those who make life more beautiful.

​National I Care About You Day - History


Global Cleanup​

​After a BP oil rig triggered one of the greatest ecological disasters to date, countries including Canada, Mexico, South Korea, and Japan donated equipment, assistance, and direct aid in order to help.


Post-hurricane help

​Israel, among other countries, admitted thousands of displaced college students after Hurricane Katrina hit Louisiana, providing shelter, tuition, and stipends for all newcomers.


​Unity in uncertain times

When a Kenyan warrior studying at Stanford heard of the attacks on the Twin Towers, he sent word back home to the Masai Tribe, who were inspired to donate 14 of their cherished cows to the U.S Embassy to pay homage.​

​National I Care About You Day Activities

  1. Throw a Party for Everyone

    You can invite your favorite pals over for a movie marathon, or a game night. Go big or small, it does not matter, as long as everyone you want to honor is present for a good time.

  2. Send out cards to loved ones

    Handwritten notes are so rare, but they never go out of style. Writing intimate words of inspiration and love will last a lifetime. This gift is not only for family members and friends, but even that one co-worker who makes the workplace inviting.

  3. Shout your love to the world

    Just use the hashtag “#NationaliCareAboutYouDay” and read all the other emotional posts online with your friends. This, along with a good meal, is a sure way to bond with those you care about the most.

5 Famous, But Unlikely Friendships

  1. ​Writers unite

    ​Once considered scholarly competitors, fantasy writers J.R.R Tolkien and C.S. Lewis developed a long-term friendship, supporting each other’s writing efforts and religious observances.

  2. ​Solidarity sisters

    Marilyn Monroe was so moved by Ella Fitzgerald’s voice, that she lobbied for Fitzgerald to perform at popular nightclub “The Mocambo." Meanwhile, the two stars bonded over their life stories and an appreciation for music.

  3. Jack & Frank

    President Kennedy and Frank Sinatra were once close friends who occasionally took vacations to Las Vegas and New York.

  4. ​"Eighth wonder"

    Helen Keller had a long friendship with Mark Twain after meeting him through an associate; the two spoke highly of each other, so much so, that Twain praised Keller as the eighth wonder of the world.

  5. ​Pen Pals to the End

    T.S. Eliot embarked on a pen pal friendship with Groucho Marx after requesting a mailed autograph; their letters spoke of their love for cigars, cats, and puns, and continued on for years, until they met only once before Eliot’s death.

Why We Love ​National I Care About You Day

  1. A chance to reconnect

    We all can be a little guilty of not keeping in touch with friends for whatever reason. However, celebrating this holiday will give you the chance to reach out to those you have not spoken to in a while. There is no greater feeling than being told you matter, and bonus points if you both make plans to meet.

  2. Giving or receiving appreciation

    Life is hectic, but one word of encouragement or appreciation can change the whole day around. National I Care About You Day allows for people to be vulnerable, joyful, and blissful. Whether giving or receiving appreciation, taking time on this day can lift spirits and increase morale wherever needed.

  3. Opportunity to make new friends

    The start to any solid relationship is an incredible first-meet. Remember, the chance to appreciate the people we admire in our lives is one conversation away. This holiday offers the perfect opportunity to create new bonds for years to come.

​National I Care About You Day dates
2019October 25Friday
2020October 25Sunday
2021October 25Monday
2022October 25Tuesday
2023October 25Wednesday