September 20th Birthdays

We have 7 birthdays listed for September 20.

September 20 is the 263rd day of the Gregorian calendar. The explorer, Ferdinand Magellan, set sail for a journey around the world; the Cannes Film Festival debuted. African-American student, James Meredith, was temporarily barred from the University of Mississippi. Famous birthdays include Anne Meara and Sophia Loren. Today is National Pepperoni Pizza Day.

Sophia Loren’s Birthday

This Italian actress rose from humble beginnings in postwar Naples to become a legendary movie star


Khabib Nurmagomedov’s Birthday

This mixed martial arts fighter’s record-breaking career remains unmatched to this day.


Katrina Stuart’s Birthday

For this talented singer, actress, and model the sky is the limit.


Jack Hemmings’s Birthday

Jack Hemmings made a name for himself — he’s destined to do much more!


Ellie Louise’s Birthday

Ellie Louise is amazing because of her positivity and fitness — we're proud of her achievements!