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TueSep 24

Schwenkfelder Thanksgiving – September 24, 2024

Schwenkfelder Thanksgiving is celebrated on September 24 every year. Just like the regular Thanksgiving, this is also a day to express gratitude. Today, there are about 3,000 people who are members of Schwenkfelder churches. They continue to celebrate Schwenkfelder Thanksgiving in the Pennsylvania Dutch counties where they live. The celebrations are marked by a service held at one of the Schwenkfelder churches, on the Sunday closest to September 24. It is followed by a religious and historical address, which is followed by a meal. The meal is typical of the same foods that were eaten at the first Schwenkfelder Thanksgiving. The Pennsylvania legislature recognizes Schwenkfelder Thanksgiving.

History of Schwenkfelder Thanksgiving

In 1733, a small number of Schwenkfelder’s followers arrived in Philadelphia. A second group came from Germany on September 22, 1734. They swore their allegiance to the British king and two days later, they expressed gratitude to God for allowing them to flee persecution, by holding a thanksgiving service. As there were no crops to harvest, the Thanksgiving meal consisted of water, bread, butter, and apple butter.

The Schwenkfelder Thanksgiving event is the oldest continuously observed Thanksgiving in the United States. The traditional Thanksgiving was yet to be observed annually and uniformly across the nation. While the Pilgrims held their first Thanksgiving feast in 1621, the observance wasn’t a popular practice among everyone. George Washington proclaimed the nation’s first Thanksgiving in 1789. And while his successors followed suit and Thanksgiving was accepted, the celebrations were still not consistent. In fact, it wasn’t until 1863 that Abraham Lincoln proclaimed a national Thanksgiving for the last Thursday in November. There was now some uniformity in the celebrations and the nation gave thanks on that day until 1939. In 1939, Franklin D. Roosevelt moved the observance to the fourth Thursday, and that’s when it has been celebrated ever since.

The Schwenkfelders are the descendants of a small Protestant sect that popped up in Germany during the time of the Reformation. They were the devotees of Caspar Schwenkfeld, a theologian. He and his followers separated from Protestant circles and formed the brotherhoods that are still around today as the Schwenkfelder Church. The Schwenkfelder population has shrunk over the years, but most now live in Pennsylvania Dutch country.

Schwenkfelder Thanksgiving timeline

The Leader is Born

Caspar Schwenckfeld von Ossig is born in Poland.

Great Confession on the Glory of Christ

Schwenkfelders start calling themselves Confessors of the Glory of Christ.

Persecution Intensifies

Schwenkfelders are fined, forced into slavery, and jailed by the government and Orthodox Churches in Europe.

Schwenkfelder Church

The Schwenkfelder Church is incorporated in Pennsylvania.

Schwenkfelder Thanksgiving FAQs

What is Schwenkfelder religion?

A follower of Caspar Schwenckfeld who advances the cause of the Reformation, encourages laymen to read the Bible, and advocates the separation of church and state, are some of the markers of the Schwenkfelder sect.

Where did the Schwenkfelders come from?

Originally calling themselves Confessors of the Glory of Christ, the group later became known as Schwenkfelders. These Christians often suffered persecution like slavery, prison, and fines at the hands of the government and state churches in Europe. Most of them lived in southern Germany and Lower Silesia.

What denomination is central Schwenkfelder Church?

The denomination of the central Schwenkfelder Church is Christian.

How to Observe Schwenkfelder Thanksgiving

  1. Attend a church service

    Attend a Schwenkfelder Church service and see how the day is traditionally celebrated. It is also a good way to learn about Schwenkfelder history and culture.

  2. Host a Schwenkfelder Thanksgiving meal

    If you don’t have a Schwenkfelder Church nearby, you could celebrate the day by hosting a meal. A typical Schwenkfelder Thanksgiving meal consists of water, bread, butter, and apple butter.

  3. Learn more about the Schwenkfelders

    Learn more about Schwenkfelders by visiting the Schwenkfelder Library and Heritage Center or the Society of the Descendents of the Schwenkfelder Exiles websites.

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  1. It was once a precious commodity

    Norsemen were buried with large tubs of butter to take with them into the afterlife.

  2. It is a common archaeological find

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  4. It can also be used as fuel

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  5. India leads in butter production

    India is the largest producer of butter.

Why Schwenkfelder Thanksgiving is Important

  1. A day of historical significance

    Schwenkfelder Thanksgiving is the longest and oldest continually celebrated Thanksgiving in America. The day has important historical significance.

  2. A day to express thanks

    On this day we sit down with our loved ones and express thanks to God for all the joys in our lives. We have so much to be thankful for.

  3. A day to celebrate with friends

    No Thanksgiving is complete without a hearty meal with your friends. This day is celebrated as a way of getting together with friends and spending quality time with them.

Schwenkfelder Thanksgiving dates

2024September 24Tuesday
2025September 24Wednesday
2026September 24Thursday
2027September 24Friday
2028September 24Sunday

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