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Project Aces Day – May 3, 2023

Project ACES Day takes place on the first Wednesday in May. It takes place on May 3 this year. Twiddling the video game controller and punching air on TikTok videos is the maximum exercise most kids get these days. Project ACES (All Children Exercise Simultaneously) Day aims to change this. In the past few decades, there has been a stark rise in obesity among children and young adults. To reverse this trend, people are coming up with unique ideas to instill healthy practices in kids from an early age. As doing any activity with peers can be fun and adds to the motivation, Project ACES Day explores this idea to encourage kids to sweat it out.

History of Project Aces Day

Project ACES Day was started by Len Saunders in 1989 to encourage children around the country to exercise together. Project ACES Day perfectly lines up with National Physical Fitness and Sports Month and America’s National Physical Education Week. Schools use this occasion to motivate students to adopt an active lifestyle.

Workout sessions are organized in schools and local community centers across the country. While the choice of workout is often left up to the kids, the motto remains the same – to sweat it out and to do it with peers and friends.

Walking, running, cycling, yoga, and aerobics are often preferred choices. Though, some schools even put on music and work out with some groovy moves. The session usually lasts from 15 to 45 minutes. The month of May is perfect for outdoor activities, however, in the case of bad weather, the event is taken to the school gymnasium or classrooms.

The media has touted this event as the “world’s largest exercise class”. And rightfully so as millions of children from across the country join in the effort to make it a remarkable movement toward fitness. As the modern lifestyle becomes increasingly sedentary, initiatives like Project ACES play a crucial role in reintroducing exercise and workouts among kids in an interesting way.

Project Aces Day timeline

600 B.C.
Early Pursuits of Fitness

Training to improve strength, speed, and endurance can be traced back to ancient Greek.

Modern Gyms

Hippolyte Triat, a French fitness enthusiast, is the first to turn gyms into a commercial business — he opens the first gym in Brussels.

Games of the Olympiad

The first Summer Olympics (previously called the Games of the Olympiad) are inaugurated in Athens.

The Advent of Regular Exercising

Studies indicate that people who spend long hours sitting suffer from more diseases — this is one of the initial studies that highlights the importance of regular exercise.

Project Aces Day FAQs

What is the healthiest exercise?

Walking is the healthiest exercise. Although, any exercise that increases the heart rate and causes muscle movement is good for health.

What are the types of fitness?

Endurance, flexibility, strength, and balance are the key parameters of fitness.

What defines cardiovascular health?

Cardiovascular health refers to heart health.

Project Aces Day Activities

  1. Exercise

    Get together with your friends and exercise. Try various exercise routines and have fun together.

  2. Keep the momentum going

    It is not just about a day or two. Keep the momentum going throughout the year. Spend at least an hour outdoors playing with your friends every day.

  3. Rope in the adults

    The first Friday in May is Project PACES (Parents and Children Exercise Simultaneously) Day. Extend the invitation to your family for a fun exercise or sports routine.

5 Interesting Facts About Health And Body

  1. Need energy? Exercise

    Exercising increases oxygen intake and circulation in the body, which makes you feel more energized.

  2. Lack of exercise is deadlier than smoking

    A 2008 study in Lancet showed that 5.3 million deaths occurred due to physical inactivity, while five million deaths occurred due to smoking-related diseases.

  3. Hospital bills are costly

    The United States spends three times more on healthcare than any other country, yet ranks last on the life expectancy list among the 12 most industrialized countries.

  4. Laugh it off

    Laughing improves circulation by 20% — it’s been observed that an optimistic approach to life can improve longevity.

  5. Physical exercise improves brain muscle

    Exercising promotes the growth of new brain cells, hence, improving brain power and memory.

Why We Love Project Aces Day

  1. Fitness and bonding

    Everything is fun when you do it with your best friends. And what’s better is that you will be healthier than if you binge-watch series on the couch together.

  2. Your appetite improves

    A good workout improves appetite. Enjoy that extra muffin at the cafeteria guilt-free today.

  3. It builds muscles

    If you work out today and incorporate it into your daily routine, you’ll build muscle. Why not keep up a healthy diet and good fitness routine?

Project Aces Day dates

2022May 4Wednesday
2023May 3Wednesday
2024May 1Wednesday
2025May 7Wednesday
2026May 6Wednesday

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