National Spouses Day – January 26, 2020

Sun Jan 26

Romantic beach getaways, jointly-filed taxes, shared meals, buying your first home, trips to Ikea, and lots and lots of babies. Have you guessed it yet? We’re talking about marriage! Marriage has been around since man walked the Earth. And while the circumstances surrounding marriage have changed over time (we don’t marry for property—okay, well, most of us don’t), one thing has remained the same: the special bond we share with our spouse. So on January 26, we take time out of our busy schedules to fully appreciate the person we share our lives with—it’s National Spouses Day!

National Spouses Day - Survey Results

Data was gathered by a top Chicago PR Firm as they surveyed 1,035 married Americans about their spouses. Here are the full results:


#1: My spouse has selective listening (40%)
#2: My spouse snores (39%)
#3: My spouse can be a control freak sometimes (26%)
#4: My spouse is not as financially responsible as I am (20%)
#5: My spouse has bodily quirks (e.g. nose picking, farting, burping, etc.) (19%)
#6: My spouse doesn’t contribute enough to household chores (18%)
#7: My spouse is a slob (e.g. doesn’t wash dishes, leaves dirty clothes on floor, etc.) (17%)
#8: My spouse works too much (16%)
#9: My spouse doesn’t get along with his/her in-laws (8%)
#10: My spouse always forgets our anniversary (5%)


#1: My spouse is a hard worker (60%)
#2: I can be myself around my spouse (56%)
#3: My spouse makes me laugh (56%)
#4: My spouse is smart (52%)
#5: My spouse is supportive of my goals and desires (48%)
#6: My spouse is a great parent (45%)
#7: My spouse is sexy (44%)
#8: My spouse is good with money (31%)
#9: My spouse does the dishes (29%)
#10: My spouse buys me things (28%)


#1: My spouse and I celebrate Valentine’s Day (45%)
#2: My spouse gets on my nerves sometimes (44%)
#3: My spouse and I evenly split the household chores  (32%)
#4: Valentine’s Day was a way bigger deal before I got married (19%)
#5: My spouse is a slob (e.g. doesn’t wash dishes, leaves dirty clothes on floor, etc.) (17%)
#6: My spouse and I argue on a regular basis (16%)
#7: I wear the pants in the relationship with my spouse (13%)
#8: I love my spouse, but sometimes I wish I were single so I could experience dating again (10%)
#9: Between the two of us, I’m better-looking than my spouse (9%)
#10: In my marriage, I’m always the one who walks the dog (9%)


While 44% of husbands say they evenly split the household chores with their wives, only 26% of wives say the same.

National Spouses Day Activities

  1. Dine out at your favorite restaurant

    Every married couple has a go-to restaurant. Whether it's the local burger joint with the extra loaded cheese fries, or the fancy French establishment overlooking the river, treat each other to a quiet dinner. The topic of conversation? How much you love and support each other.

  2. Enjoy a low-key night at home

    If you have kids, hire a sitter for the night. This day is all about you and your spouse. Pop in a movie, cook dinner together, put together a jigsaw puzzle—it doesn't matter what you do, as long as it's in each other's company, with no distractions.

  3. Play the Newlywed Game

    This game is all the more fun if you're not a newlywed. You may live together, but how well do you and your spouse actually know each other? If you don't have the board game, find some Newlywed Game questions online.

Why We Love National Spouses Day

  1. We can be 100% ourselves with our spouse

    Unlike Valentine's Day, National Spouses Day isn't about fancy gifts or elegant dinners. It's about spending quality time with your spouse and appreciating the ways they enrich your life. Your spouse knows you better than anyone else does—so there's no need to get glammed up and impress. Just be yourself. That's why your spouse loves you!

  2. They make married tax breaks possible

    Not only is marriage like living with your best friend—it's also financially beneficial! More than 50% of married couples pay less money to the IRA than they would if they were single. If that's not a reason to celebrate our spouse, we don't know what is!

  3. They make boring life situations fun

    Trips to Ikea, grocery shopping, going to your cousin's wedding, and apartment hunting are all a drag. But when you're married, they present endless opportunities for fun adventures. As long as your spouse is by your side, nothing is boring.

National Spouses Day dates
2020January 26Sunday
2021January 26Tuesday
2022January 26Wednesday
2023January 26Thursday
2024January 26Friday