National Nachos Day – November 6, 2019

Wed Nov 6

November 6 is nacho ordinary holiday —it’s National Nachos Day! On this day we celebrate everyone’s favorite melty snack no matter how you make it. Chicken or beef? Beans or salsa? Cheddar or that yellow stuff they top chips with at football games? There’s no one specific way to make it as long as it has two main ingredients: Chips and as much cheese as you can pile on!

National Nachos Day Activities

  1. Have a nacho competition

    They have chili cookoffs, barbecue competitions, and even bake-offs, so why not an Annual Nacho Competition? Well, you’ll be happy to know that at the Port Jefferson Station in New York, they actually do hold an annual Nacho Fest, but you don’t have to travel to the Big Apple to experience it! What with the many ways you can serve up this crunchy culinary masterpiece, invite some of your most talented tortilla artists over to bring their best recipe to the table.

  2. Hit your local cineplex

    At this point, nachos have become just as much a movie theater staple as popcorn. This National Nachos Day, try taking in a blockbuster while skipping on the popcorn and Red Vines. Instead, when you hit the concession stand, make a hot and melty plate of nachos the star of the show. Don’t forget the extra cheese!

  3. Perfect the chip-to-cheese ratio

    One flaw many people note about nachos is that you can only cover so many tortilla chips with cheese. Eventually, you’re left with the bottom chips, which might as well have been left in the bag where you found them. This doesn’t have to be the case! Next time, place those chips on a cookie sheet and space them apart. Cover each chip with cheese and bake. Plate the chips and top with your favorite extras. You’ll guarantee those bottom chips get all the cheesy love they deserve.

Why We Love National Nachos Day

  1. They’re perfect for any party

    Is there any celebration nachos aren’t welcome? Seriously, Super Bowl, Fourth of July, birthdays-if you’re bringing nachos, you might as well throw on a cape while you’re at it because you just became the hero of the party! Don’t be that person who shows up with a five dollar bag of plain potato chips, whip out that salsa and make a statement!

  2. They can be topped with just about anything

    It doesn’t have to be all about the guacamole and hot sauce. You can make nachos that can fit any style of cuisine. How about giving your nachos a Mediterranean flare by subbing out those tortillas and beans for pita chips and hummus? Fan of Italian food? Try crisping up some pizza dough and topping it with marinara and mozzarella! The possibilities are endless.

  3. They can be a snack or a meal

    It’s hard to really classify what nachos actually are. The chips would lead you to believe they were a snack, but what with all those toppings, how can it not be a meal? That’s the great thing about nachos, they can be either! They can also been joyed at any time of day. Perfect for either lunch or dinner, nachos are also only one fried egg away from being a breakfast staple as well!

National Nachos Day dates
2019November 6Wednesday
2020November 6Friday
2021November 6Saturday
2022November 6Sunday
2023November 6Monday