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ThuNov 14

National Marie Day – November 14, 2024

National Mary Day is celebrated on November 14 to acknowledge and commemorate all the ‘Maries’ in the world. For the fact that the name ‘Marie’ is one of the most popular girl names around the globe, this day is perhaps, one that millions of people would identify and be happy with. ‘Marie’ has been a household name on nearly all continents. Although it is not known as ‘Marie’ everywhere it is found, it takes other forms that aren’t so different, giving it the same sweet pronunciation and respect it commands!

History of National Marie Day

National Marie Day isn’t even up to a year in the making, but its celebration will transcend millennia to come. This is because it aligns with the very popular and accepted name, Marie. ‘Marie’ is the French and Czech form of the Biblical name ‘Mary.’ It has been a common name in France since the 13th century and even peaked consistently as the most popular name there from 1900 to 1958. So much is the French love for the name that a male version, Jean-Marie, was adopted.

Many cultural or tribal variants of the name exist, such as the German ‘Maria,’ English ‘Mary,’ Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish ‘Mari,’ Arabian ‘Maryam,’ Croatian ‘Mia,’ Georgian ‘Marika,’ Hawaiian ‘Malia,’ and Hausa ‘Maryama.’ It also has a lot of diminutives that include, but are certainly not limited to Marianne, Marise, Mae, and Marijse. In the Czech Republic, it was the 18th most popular name in 2016 — a sad ranking compared to its consistent position as the 1st from 1935 to 1957. While Austrians adopted the name in the 1900s, they only showed their immense love for it in 2020, when it peaked as the most popular girl’s name. In America, interest in the name has been steadily decreasing since the start of the 21st century. The name’s highest ranking in America remains the seventh position in the 1900s. Additionally, ‘Marie’ has ranked well in Canada, the Netherlands, and Norway, particularly in the 20th century.

Notable bearers of the name include the widely acclaimed Polish scientist, Marie Curie, who pioneered studies in radioactivity. Mary Antoinette, the controversial last Queen of France before the French Revolution, helped to popularize the name. So do Japanese Marie Kondo and American author Heather Benedict Terrell, who wrote under the pen name Mary Benedict from 2016 to 2021.

National Marie Day timeline

Antoinette's Queenship

Antoinette becomes the Queen of France when her husband Louis XVI ascends the throne.

A Nobel Prize Winner

Curie and her husband jointly win the Nobel prize in Physics with Becquerel.

A Drop in Ranking

'Marie' ends its 58-year reign as the number one girl's name in France.

An Influential Person

The Japanese organizing consultant, Kondo, is listed in one of “Time Magazine's” 100 Most Influential People in the world.

National Marie Day FAQs

What three things did Marie Curie discover?

Marie Curie discovered the radioactive elements polonium and radium and isolated a pure form of radium.

Is Marie a boy or girl name?

‘Marie’ is a girl’s name and isn’t associated with boys unless in France where it takes the coined form, Jean-Marie, and in other diminutive forms such as Marion, Marius, and so on.

Is the name 'Marie' in the Bible?

The name ‘Marie’ is a stand-out name found in the Bible, but not in that form. Rather it is found as ‘Mary.’

National Marie Day Activities

  1. Appreciate the contributions by all Maries

    Today is a good day to specially acknowledge the contributions of all those who bear the name around the world. Start from Curie and extend it to any other Marie you know.

  2. Create a diminutive

    Since the name has so many variations and diminutives, celebrate this day by forming a new one. You could align it to your culture or tribe if there is none already.

  3. Adopt the name

    Be like Terrell and adopt the name as a nickname, or, if you are an artist, a pseudonym. Create an air of exciting misery around yourself with that.

5 Facts About The Name 'Marie'

  1. It has name days

    'Marie' is one of the names that has given birth to a day: September 12 in the Czech Republic, March 25 in Estonia and Norway, and August 15 in France.

  2. People's perceptions

    People feel the name is classic, upper class, simple, and refined.

  3. Widely known

    Almost every tribe or culture around the world has a diminutive form of the name.

  4. A precise account

    The exact time Queen Antoinette was executed by guillotine is known — 12:15 pm.

  5. An exceptional achievement

    Curie is the only person in the world to win the Nobel Prize in two different scientific disciplines — physics for work on radioactivity and chemistry for discovering new radioactive elements.

Why We Love National Marie Day

  1. It celebrates heroines

    We love National Marie Day because it celebrates the millions of women who have shaped the world in various ways. Whether she is a noble or a civilian, we celebrate every Marie.

  2. It is widely known

    We love the name 'Marie' because it is all-inclusive, as nearly every culture has a form of the name. This name is quite popular even in Asian countries.

  3. It is flexible

    Another reason we love the name is its flexibility. You can twist, rearrange, and even introduce new letters to it, and it will still maintain its sweet, grandeur status.

National Marie Day dates

2024November 14Thursday
2025November 14Friday
2026November 14Saturday
2027November 14Sunday
2028November 14Tuesday

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