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SunMar 9

National Marcia Day – March 9, 2025

National Marcia Day is celebrated on March 9 every year. On this day we celebrate everyone named Marcia — the proverbial daughter of the god of war himself — for this Italian name means just that; ‘dedicated to Mars,’ Roman god of war.

One may also choose to associate the name with the planet Mars, of course, though it’s generally accepted that the name refers to the planet’s namesake — Jupiter’s mythological son. Be sure to congratulate an important Marcia in your life this National Marcia Day!

History of National Marcia Day

Marcia is a female variation of Marcius — meaning the very same, but for males. Marcia is also the name of several early Christian saints and martyrs, which is rather amusing, given the name’s polytheistic origin. The name, which has been spotted in the English-speaking world as early as the 18th century, is usually shortened to Marcy or Marcie.

American historical rankings show that the name Marcia was not very popular at first, taking the modest 614th overall spot in 1880. The name did pick up in popularity, however, taking a lofty 74th place in 1954.

Among the famous people named Marcia are Marcia Lynne “Marcheline” Bertrand, mother of Angelina Jolie; Marcia Ann Strassman, an American actress; Queen Marcia, the legendary monarch of Britain; and Marcia Mead, an American architect known for her work on low-cost housing.

National Marcia Day timeline

“The Creature Walks Among Us”

Marcia Barton is one of the main characters in the American horror film.

Distinguished Service to Children’s Literature

Marcia Brown is awarded by the University of Southern Mississippi.

“Off Camera”

The play by Marcia Layne, a British playwright, receives the Alfred Fagon Award.

Marcia Louise Fudge

The American lawyer and politician holds the position of Minister of Housing and Urban Development.

National Marcia Day FAQs

What is the biblical meaning of the name Marcia?

Meaning ‘from the god Mars,’ Marcia is derived from ancient Roman belief, rather than Judeo-Christian tradition.

What does ‘Marcia’ mean in Spanish?

Translated from the Spanish the name means ‘blue,’ ‘deep,’ ‘sea,’ ‘oscillation,’ and ‘beating waves.’

Is Marcia a German name?

Marcia is an Italian name, meaning ‘from the god Mars.’

National Marcia Day Activities

  1. Refresh your knowledge

    National Marcia Day is the perfect day to refresh your knowledge of the mythology behind Mars, the Roman god of war. You can also brush up on the history and science relating to the planet Mars.

  2. Make a surprise

    You could surprise your friends and loved ones named Marcia by congratulating them on National Marcia Day. Maybe even organize a small party with cupcakes and treats!

  3. Share the story

    If you don’t have the opportunity to congratulate a friend in person, or if no one you know is named Marcia, you could celebrate the day by posting about it on social media. Start an online conversation!

5 Facts About Mars That Will Blow Your Mind

  1. A planet of the terrestrial group

    It means that Mars, like Earth, has a hard rocky surface that you can walk on.

  2. Another name is the “Red Planet”

    Mars’ notorious color is the result of the vast amounts of iron on its surface rusting away, turning the planet a striking shade of red.

  3. It’s very cold

    The average temperature is -62 degrees Celsius or roughly -79 degrees Fahrenheit.

  4. It has two moons

    Their names are Phobos and Deimos.

  5. There can be huge dust storms

    Dust storms on Mars last for months and can even cover the entire planet.

Why We Love National Marcia Day

  1. It has a long history

    English-speaking parents started naming their children Marcia in the 18th century. We love names with an interesting history.

  2. We are delighted with Mars

    Everyone loves Mars, both the ancient Roman god and the planet, so on National Marcia Day, we celebrate our love for Mars and the female name derived from it. Do some research about Mars on this day!

  3. It’s a day to celebrate uniqueness

    Each name is unique and inimitable. This is an important part of the human personality. Marcia is no different, and on this holiday we appreciate its uniqueness and charm.

National Marcia Day dates

2025March 9Sunday
2026March 9Monday
2027March 9Tuesday
2028March 9Thursday
2029March 9Friday

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