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FriJul 5

National Bikini Day – July 5, 2024

Grab your sunscreen — it’s National Bikini Day this July 5, and it’s the perfect opportunity to head to the beach. National Bikini Day celebrates the anniversary of the invention of the two-piece bathing suit. Owing to its risqué design, the bikini was slow to be adopted — but it gradually gained traction when film stars like Ava Gardner and Brigitte Bardot started to wear bikinis on public beaches and in their films. The garment was certainly one of the greatest inventions of all time and, due to the supposed ‘explosive’ effect it had created, it was named after Bikini Atoll in the South Pacific where they conducted nuclear testing in 1946. Get ready to celebrate this summer icon with us!

National Bikini Day timeline

Brigitte Bardot Makes a Splash

At the Cannes Film Festival, Brigitte Bardot is photographed wearing a bikini on every beach in the south of France.

Itsy Bitsy ....

According to one of the top Los Angeles PR Firms, Brian Hyland's song "Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini" inspires a bikini buying spree

Thong Song

The thong bikini first appears in Brazil

Serve's Up

The Olympic Committee decrees the bikini the official uniform for women’s beach volleyball

National Bikini Day Activities

  1. Buy a new bikini

    Treat yourself—you can never have too many bikinis. But don’t just get the same old one: try a new pattern or color. Summer is just getting started, and so is your shopping spree.

  2. Throw a bikini pool party

    Themed parties are so much fun. Grab some bikini-themed decorations at your local party supply store and invite your friends over for some pool playtime. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

  3. Put on your favorite one-piece

    Bikinis are fun, but even we have to admit that they’re not for everyone. If the bikini isn’t your thing, that’s okay. You can still join the fun! Put on your favorite one-piece and join the pool party. 

Why We Love National Bikini Day

  1. You can show off your fashion sense

    Fashion is a great way to express ourselves—the bikini is just another outlet. They come in all different colors, shades, and styles. You can go nineties with a halter bikini, rock a tankini, or even try on a skirtkini. You can mix and match bottoms and tops, stripes, and colors. So what’s your bikini style?

  2. It gives you a reason to head to the beach

    No one ever needs a reason to escape to the beach, but it’s always nice to have an excuse. If anyone asks you why you’re not at work, it’s because today is National Bikini Day!

  3. They go with the coolest accessories

    Accessories can make or break a look. With the right amount of bling, the perfect coverup, and some stylish shades, you can turn your bikini into a bona-fide summer look! Is that a celebrity, or is it just you rocking the beach?

National Bikini Day dates

2024July 5Friday
2025July 5Saturday
2026July 5Sunday
2027July 5Monday
2028July 5Wednesday

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