February 8th Birthdays

We have 5 birthdays listed for February 8.

February 8th is the 39th day of the Gregorian calendar. On this day, Mary Queen of Scots was executed by her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I of England; the first Japanese immigrants arrived in Hawaii; and the U.S. Congress passed the Communications Decency Act. Famous birthdays include Jules Verne, James Dean, and Seth Green. February 8th also marks National Boy Scout Day and National Kite-Flying Day.

I.N’s Birthday

He is a vocalist and a people’s favorite, both within the group and among the fans.


Jaden Hossler’s Birthday

He's not just a TikTok star, but also a talented singer. Nothing stops him from success.


Charlie Axel Woods’s Birthday

This second-generation golfer is stepping out of his father’s shadow and making a name for himself.