Ethan Munck

Ethan Munck, born on October 22, 2003, is an actor. He is best known for his role as Gibby in the popular television show “iCarly.” He is also famous for his performances in several television series and films, such as “New Girl,” “Fresh Off the Boat,” and “The League of Legend Keepers: Shadows.” Over the years, he has also made a name for himself in the world of music and released his first track in 2021. Want to know more about him and celebrate his birthday? Simply continue reading.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Ethan Munck

Birth date:

October 22, 2003



Zodiac Sign:



5' 10"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$8 million

Ethan's Social Media:


Ethan Munck was born on October 22, 2003, in the city of Los Angeles, California, U.S. His father’s name is Greg Munck, and his mother’s name is Kimberly Robinson Munck. He also has four siblings named Elijah Munck, Noah Munck, Micah Munck, and Taylor Munck.

Ever since he was a young child, Munck developed an inclination for the craft of acting. When he was just five years old, he got his big break and made his debut on television. He began appearing in the famous television series called “iCarly.” In this show, the actor portrayed the character of Gibby. His performance in this show was so well received by the audience that in its subsequent year of airing, Munck joined the cast again and portrayed the character of ‘Guppy.’ Meanwhile, his elder brother, Noah Munck, played the character of ‘Gibby’ on the show, and the brothers made waves on television.

After the show came to an end in 2012, Munck got involved in several other notable projects. In the year 2013, he joined the cast of the television series “New Girl,” where he played the role of a “kid ghost.” That same year, the actor landed his first television commercial and became a part of an advertisement for the “Hyundai Santa Fe Team Super Bowl.” Between the years 2015 and 2020, he made an appearance on the show “Fresh Off the Boat” and portrayed the character of a “chubby kid.” He played ‘James’ in the 2019 movie titled “The League of Legend Keepers: Shadows.”

Career timeline

He Begins His Career

The actor starts his career with “iCarly.”

His Next Notable Venture

He appears in the T.V. series “New Girl.”

He Joins Another T.V. Show

He joins the cast of “Fresh Off the Boat.”

He Appears in a Film

He makes an appearance in “The League of Legend Keepers: Shadows.”

Why We Love Ethan Munck

  1. He is gifted

    The craft of acting is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially when they are too young to comprehend its intricacies. However, Munck had been a gifted child who aced the craft with near perfection at the age of six.

  2. His personality is charming

    Munck has a very humble demeanor. Moreover, he is a rather private person who prefers to keep his distance from the limelight, and fans admire him for that.

  3. He is versatile

    Along with being an actor, he is also a musician. He dropped his first track in 2021 and, going by the response to his music, the future seems bright for the artist.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. His father is a pastor

    Munck’s father, Greg, is a pastor.

  2. Related to Bartlett Robinson

    He is the great-grandson of the actor Bartlett Robinson.

  3. The youngest actor of his time

    He began acting when he was just six, making him the youngest actor at the time.

  4. His hobbies

    The actor likes to travel and listen to music.

  5. His favorite color

    Purple and black are his favorite colors.

Ethan Munck FAQs

Are Gibby and Guppy real brothers?

Yes, the actors playing these two characters are brothers in real life.

Is Ethan Munck in a relationship?

There is no information on his relationship status as the actor prefers to keep his personal life away from the limelight.

How old is Ethan Munck now?

He will be 19 years old on October 22, 2022.

Ethan Munck’s birthday dates

2024October 22Tuesday
2025October 22Wednesday
2026October 22Thursday
2027October 22Friday
2028October 22Sunday

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