Baby CEO

Jonathan Brown, better known as Baby CEO, was born on October 22, 2000, in Memphis, Tennessee, U.S. He was a popular American singer, songwriter, and rapper known for his catchy rap music and such songs as ‘Reach,’ ‘Run it Up,’ and ‘No Hook.’ Brown started making music and uploading it to YouTube when he was 14 years old, in 2015, and he quickly gained media attention for his talent. In 2019, he released his first studio album, “BIG CEO,” which featured many hit songs. We join his fans to remember him today.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Jonathan Brown


Baby CEO

Birth date:

October 22, 2000

Death date:

January 20, 2021 (age 20)

Zodiac Sign:



5' 8"

Net Worth:

$500 thousand

Jonathan's Social Media:


Jonathan Brown was born on October 22, 2000, in Memphis, Tennessee, U.S., into an African American family, and has kept his parents’ identities hidden. Brown graduated from a high school in Memphis. He grew up listening to 2Pac, The Notorious B.I.G., and others. He began writing rap lyrics when he was 13 years old, inspired by his rap idols and grew to really enjoy it.

Brown launched his YouTube channel, “BIG CEO,” on March 15, 2015, and on July 26, he released his first song, ‘We Da Gang,’ in which he collaborated with fellow rapper Y.P. The song received a lot of attention, with more than 86,000 views and 1,400 likes. He released his second song, ‘Club Bang,’ on July 28, which has been viewed more than 96,000 with 1,800 likes. Brown’s first popular song was ‘THE RACE Freestyle,’ which was released in 2017 and featured the beat of fellow rapper Tay-K. The song quickly went viral, gaining more than 1.5 million views and positive feedback from the hip-hop community.

Brown began releasing new songs in 2018, and his first song of the year was ‘No Hook,’ which was released on August 27 and received over 335,000 views on YouTube and over 40,000 streams on Spotify. He then released several songs, including the popular hit ‘Reach,’ with 680,000 views and over 109,000 streams on Spotify. In 2019, he released his first studio album, “BIG CEO,” which included ‘Fake Lean’ with over 223,000 views on YouTube and 23,000 streams on Spotify. Brown released another hit song, ‘Can’t Wait,’ in 2020, which has over a million views on YouTube.

Career timeline

The YouTube Channel is Launched

Brown creates a YouTube channel and starts uploading rap songs.

The First Popular Song

Brown releases the song 'THE RACE Freestyle,' which becomes viral, gaining over 1.5 million views and positive feedback from the hip-hop community.

The First Studio Album

Brown releases his first studio album, "BIG CEO," which features many good songs, including ‘Fake Lean,’ which has over 223,000 views on YouTube.

The Single Debuts

Brown releases the song 'Can't Wait,' and it becomes one of his most popular songs, with over a million views on YouTube and more than 110,000 Spotify streams.

Why We Love Baby CEO

  1. He was passionate about music

    Jonathan Brown had had a lifelong love of music, which he discovered at a young age. He used music to express himself, and even after he became successful, he continued to improve his music.

  2. He helped fellow artists

    Throughout his career, Brown attempted to collaborate with other musicians to help them gain attention, and he requested beats from his fans to make music with them. He also promoted the music of other musicians and encouraged his fans to support them.

  3. He made catchy songs

    Brown's music has received a lot of attention in recent years, and he went viral for his catchy and well-crafted songs that capture listeners’ attention and kept them wanting more. He was versatile, and he used a variety of tunes and sounds to create a unique ambiance for each song.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Another rapper shares his name

    Cameron Pierre Boykin, who hails from Wilson, North Carolina, shares Jonathan Brown’s rap nickname, Baby CEO.

  2. He released music while in incaceration

    Brown was arrested in 2015 for a probation violation, and he continued to release music while incarcerated.

  3. He was close to Fredo Santana

    Brown was close to the late rapper Fredo Santana, who died on January 19, 2018.

  4. He loved riding bikes

    The rapper owned a car, but he also enjoyed riding bikes and shared many bike-riding moments with his fans on social media.

  5. He used props in his videos

    Brown was often seen with his friends using guns and firearms in his music videos, but he has stated numerous times that the guns were props.


How did Baby CEO die?

He was killed in a shooting in Tennessee’s Frayser Neighborhood.

How did Fredo Santana die?

An autopsy report from the Los Angeles County coroner’s office says Fredo Santana died of cardiovascular disease.

What rapper recently died in Memphis?

Young Dolph, a fellow Memphis rapper, was shot dead at Makeda’s Cookies, on Airways Boulevard, suffering nearly two dozen gunshot wounds.

Baby CEO’s birthday dates

2024October 22Tuesday
2025October 22Wednesday
2026October 22Thursday
2027October 22Friday
2028October 22Sunday

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