Zhuri Nova James

Zhuri Nova James, born October 22, 2014, is the daughter of the famous basketball player LeBron James and Savannah James. She has her own YouTube channel named All Things Zhuri with 260,000 subscribers. Her mom and dad handle her social media pages. James lives with her family in Los Angeles with her parents and currently attends Sierra Canyon School. We are excited to share all the facts about this extraordinary girl right here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Zhuri Nova James


Zhuri, Mamaface

Birth date:

October 22, 2014



Zodiac Sign:



3' 9"

Net Worth:

$1 million

Zhuri's Social Media:


Zhuri Nova James was born on October 22, 2014. She is the third child of the famous basketball player LeBron James. Zhuri, a Swahili name, means ‘lovely and beautiful,’ while Nova means ‘new.’ She is a sister to LeBron James Jr. and Brye James.

Her fame began before she opened her eyes up to see the earth. The media went crazy when LeBron and Savvanah James announced they were expecting their third child. She did not make any special appearance in the media until the 2016 N.B.A. Finals during the 7th game. She is always seen in the media because she is often spotted with her parents and brothers in public spaces. She has her own YouTube channel named All Things Zhuri, where she uploads D.I.Y. tips, adventures, pranks, tutorials, and other exciting things. James currently has 206,000 subscribers and over eight million views on her YouTube channel. She also has an Instagram account that her mom and dad manage, where she has over 400,000 subscribers. James joined Youtube in 2019, and her first video was less than a minute with over 700,000 views. The video is titled “Introducing All Things Zhuri with Zhuri.” She features her parents in her video as she did a video with her mom titled “Fun Natural Hairstyles with Zhuri and Savannah James.” The video has close to a million views on Youtube.

Career timeline

James’s First Public Appearance

She appears with her family at her dad's N.B.A game.

The YouTube Channel is Launched

James's YouTube channel caters to family, adventure, D.I.Y.s, tutorials, pranks, and more.

The Natural Hair Tutorial

James uploads a video on YouTube featuring her mom, "Fun Natural Hairstyles with Zhuri and Savannah James."

The Harlem Fashion Row

She uploads a video on Youtube titled, "Zhuri hosts HFR x Janie and Jack Recital."

Why We Love Zhuri Nova James

  1. She is charismatic

    As young as James is, she sure knows how to light up a room with her charisma! We are in awe of her YouTube videos!

  2. She is her dad's princess

    We love how LeBron James does not hesitate to spoil her. She is the apple of his eyes!

  3. James is living her best life

    Being the only daughter of world-famous LeBron James does have some perks, such as living in a big mansion, driving around in luxury cars, and flying private jets. We want to be like Zhuri!

5 Surprising Facts

  1. ‘Zhuri’ means good or pleasing

    Her name is of Swahili origin, and she is just as pleasing as her name!

  2. She loves Beenie Man

    James loves to watch this famous Jamaican Dancehall deejay and dance to his groovy tunes.

  3. She gets a “Moana”-themed party

    For James' third birthday, her father threw her a “Moana”-themed party.

  4. James' parents run her socials

    She is too young to be left alone to handle the good and bad of social media all alone.

  5. She can bake

    Her baking video with her dad on Youtube has over three million views.

Zhuri Nova James FAQs

Is Zhuri James, a boy?

No, she is not a boy. She is the daughter of LeBron and Savannah James.

What School does Zhuri James go to?

She attends Sierra Canyon School in Los Angeles.

Who is LeBron James' daughter?

Zhuri Nova James is LeBron’s daughter.

Zhuri Nova James’s birthday dates

2024October 22Tuesday
2025October 22Wednesday
2026October 22Thursday
2027October 22Friday
2028October 22Sunday

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