PewDiePie, born Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg on October 24, 1989, is a Swedish YouTuber and online personality known for his comedic gaming content. His funny gaming commentaries and the way he interacts with his fans have made him one of the most influential content creators to date. He was one of the content creators that spearheaded the gaming video genre into popularity. PewDiePie claimed he was a product of his early environment as his hometown in Sweden had a big gaming community. It was in 2010 when he first registered his YouTube channel, mostly posting videos of him playing horror and action games. As he consistently uploaded his content, his channel experienced rapid growth in the following years, leading him to become one of the few fastest-growing YouTube channels between 2012 and 2013. Over the years, PewDiePie’s fanbase grew even larger, earning him the title of the most-subscribed channel on August 15, 2013. There’s much to talk about when it comes to his career. So read on and get to know one of the most famous people on the internet!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg


PewDiePie, Pewds

Birth date:

October 24, 1989



Zodiac Sign:



5' 9"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$40 million

Felix's Social Media:


Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, popularly known as PewDiePie, was born in Gothenburg, Sweden. His parents, Lotta Kristine Johanna and Ulf Chrisitan Kjellbeg, both worked in corporate jobs, far different from what he does for a living. When he was young, he had an interest in art and video games. He would often draw characters from the video games he played, such as “Mario,” “Sonic the Hedgehog,” “Donkey Kong,” and so forth. With Gothenburg having a big gaming community, PewDiePie would often skip classes to play video games with his friends. In his last year of high school, he made money by selling his art through his grandmother’s gallery. He used the money he earned to buy a computer that he used to launch his YouTube channel. He studied economics and technology at the Chalmers University of Technology, but later dropped out. He had often stated that the reason he left was not to pursue his career in YouTube but because he had lost interest in his studies.

After his exit from pursuing a university degree, his parents stopped supporting him in terms of money. He worked as a harbor captain, selling his art prints and working at a hot dog stand to finance his YouTube career. During that time, not a lot of people were doing gaming videos on YouTube, and that paved the way for an opportunity he decided to seize. Early in his YouTube career, he started by giving gaming commentaries on horror and action video games. The game that pushed his channel forward was “Amnesia: The Dark Descent.” Realizing he needed to diversify his content, he began making his own style of vlogs, named “Fridays with PewDiePie” in 2011. With hard work and consistency in making quality content, his channel collected over one million subscribers, and then two million in just a few months (2012).

He was then signed with Maker Studios, a network that would drive his growth even further. The following year, he reached 10 million subscribers, surpassing Jenna Marbles. Later on, he was also awarded a certificate from the Guinness World Records for being the most-subscribed to channel on YouTube. In 2013, his channel reached over 15 million subscribers. It reached a point where he gained a new subscriber every second! By 2015, his videos received over 300 million views per month, and he became the first YouTuber to reach 10 billion views (2015). However, his successful career wasn’t without any controversies — they involved Maker Studios, the ever-evolving YouTube algorithm, as well as his offensive content. One report stated that he read erotic fan fiction of the movie “Frozen” in one of his videos, putting his deal with Maker Studios at risk. He was also very vocal about his frustration with the YouTube algorithm, which only added more difficulty for a lot of content creators. Despite the controversies, he kept making content and growing his career even further.

Controversies aside, one of the things that the fans love about PewDiePie is his relationship with his partner, Marzia Bisognin. After dating for a long time, the couple finally married on August 19, 2019. They met through a mutual friend in 2011 and started an online relationship. He flew to Italy to meet her for the first time. The couple moved around between Sweden and Italy before finally settling in Brighton and Hove, England. PewDiePie stated that he’s happy about living in Brighton and Hove as he was able to avoid the commotion that comes with his fame. The couple also owns a house in Japan, and they moved there in 2022 with a five-year business visa. Regarding his political beliefs, PewDiePie has stated that he is apolitical, not leaning toward the left or right wing. In terms of religious belief, he claimed that he was an agnostic atheist.

Career timeline

The Start of His YouTube Career

He begins making gaming videos on YouTube while studying for a university degree.

Playing “Amnesia”

PewDiePie starts giving gaming commentaries on “Amnesia: The Dark Descent.”

Leaving University

He drops out of university and begins to pursue a career on YouTube, working several jobs to finance his dream.

Reaching a New Height

He reaches one million subscribers as he keeps making quality and entertaining content.

His Channel Reaches New Heights

His channel grows to six million subscribers.

A Record-Breaking YouTube Career

He takes over the channel “Smosh” and reaches 15 million subscribers.

Why We Love PewDiePie

  1. His hilarious personality

    Aside from his controversial content, his content is extremely entertaining. He is never too famous to interact with his fans, whom he calls his “Bros.”

  2. His hard work from the beginning

    He claimed that he didn’t care about a prestigious career. He just wanted to have fun doing the things he loved. This is why he never hesitated to leave university. He worked several jobs to finance his YouTube career in the beginning.

  3. His adaptability

    YouTube’s complicated algorithm did not stop him from moving forward. He started adapting by making other formats of content, but still in his own style.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. PewDiePie was not always his name

    In his early years on YouTube, his channel name was Pewdie, but he had to create a new channel under the name PewDiePie due to a forgotten password.

  2. One of the world’s most influential people

    He was included on the 2016 list of the world’s 100 most influential people by “Time” magazine.

  3. He begged Taylor Swift to follow him

    In 2013, he was known for continuously asking Swift to follow him back on Twitter until 2015, when Swift finally followed him back.

  4. Games sales rose because of him

    From “Amnesia” to “Happy Wheels”, it was proven that a lot of games sold better once he made content for them.

  5. Why he moved around

    Because of his fame, a lot of fans wanted to meet him and they would even find his actual address, resulting in him having to move around several houses often.

PewDiePie FAQs

Why did PewDiePie delete Twitter?

In 2019, he deleted his Twitter account with 19 million followers, claiming that the platform encourages virtue-signaling. He took a break from the platform and deleted his account, saying that he was tired.

Is PewDiePie still popular?

Yes, as of 2022, he has accumulated over 28 billion views for his videos. His subscriber count has never really declined.

What was PewDiePie’s first video?

The oldest video available to view on his channel is called “Minecraft Multiplayer Fun,” which he posted on October 2, 2010.

PewDiePie’s birthday dates

2024October 24Thursday
2025October 24Friday
2026October 24Saturday
2027October 24Sunday
2028October 24Tuesday

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