Elz the Witch

Elz the Witch, or Eleanor, was born on October 8, 1991, and is an English professional gamer, YouTuber, and presenter. She rose to fame when she started uploading her “play-throughs” of games like “The Sims” and “Fortnite.” She is a force to be reckoned with in a male-dominated industry. Today we are celebrating her birthday with more interesting facts.

Fast Facts

Full Name:



Elz the Witch, Elz

Birth date:

October 8, 1991



Zodiac Sign:



5' 8"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$100 thousand

Eleanor's Social Media:


Elz the Witch, who is known only as “Eleanor” online, is a professional gamer, YouTuber, and presenter, from Suffolk, England. Elz started gaming at the age of eight and hasn’t looked back since. She graduated with honors in degree programs in IT, management, and business — a seriously smart and brainy chick! While not much is divulged about her private life, Elz started her YouTube channel in 2018, where she would upload playthroughs of popular games for people to watch.

Elz has claimed that her favorite games of all time are “Final Fantasy 7,” “Zelda Ocarina of Time,” “G.T.A. San Andreas,” and “The Sims.” Although she is a gamer, Elz is more “commercial,” and loves presenting, music, fashion, and makeup. In 2021, it was announced that Elz would be joining KISS F.M. radio in England, where she would form part of the weekend afternoon time slots to showcase new music. She is also part of B.B.C. Sport, the Premier League, and MOTDx presenting teams.

As a famous gamer, Elz has worked with many notable brands such as Adidas, J.D., Sky, and Dell U.K. She also boasts a very impressive following on social media, with over 221,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 19 million views. She also has 269,000 followers on Instagram. Other than gaming, radio, and presenting, Elz hosts a podcast called “Citizen Game” that details all new developments in the gaming world and insider information. She is well on her way to making a huge career for herself, and we are so excited for her!

Career timeline

May 12, 2018
Elz the Witch Joins YouTube

Elz begins uploading game “playthroughs” for other gamers to watch.

December 2018
She Posts Regular Videos

She begins posting gaming videos regularly on her YouTube channel.

She Goes on Radio

She starts hosting a radio show on weekends where she plays new music.

She Has a Huge Following

Elz’s Instagram account has more than 200,000 followers while her YouTube channel has 128,000 subscribers; she has 39,300 followers on Twitter and 4,300 followers on Twitch.

Why We Love Elz the Witch

  1. She is a feminist

    After playing soccer with the boys at a young age, and then later ending up in the world of I.T., Elz felt that she always needed to downplay her femininity to “fit in.” She then realized that thinking that way was silly, and girls could be in these “male-dominated” roles too. She has said, “This is me, take it or leave it.”

  2. She is true to herself

    She is very open about how she felt growing up as a gamer in a male-dominated industry. She urges people “not to judge a book by its cover.” She also asks fans not to be ashamed of their interest or hobbies.

  3. She is a “boss babe”

    Besides her fruitful gaming career, she is an absolute “boss babe.” She can do it all — in I.T., as a radio presenter, as a sports presenter, and as a product endorser.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Where her nickname comes from

    She claims she was nicknamed “witch” by her friends in school because she would often complain.

  2. “Fortnite” realness

    She plays the massively popular game “Fortnite,” but says she is bad at it.

  3. Her “Witche's Picks” Instagram handle

    She would document her day through her Instagram stories on a handle called “Witche’s Picks” so her coworkers couldn’t find her on social media.

  4. Games relax her

    She finds playing a video game truly relaxing and therapeutic.

  5. Her must-have makeup item

    Elz could not live without her foundation, as she says her face is either red or pale.

Elz the Witch FAQs

Is Elz the Witch on FIFA?

She was a co-host at the final of the FIFA eWorld Cup at the O2 Arena in London.

What else is Elz famous for?

Elz is a major fashion influencer on Instagram.

What’s behind her clean image?

She’s a very private person who avoids conspiracy theories and gossip.

Elz the Witch’s birthday dates

2024October 8Tuesday
2025October 8Wednesday
2026October 8Thursday
2027October 8Friday
2028October 8Sunday

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