Cody Jones

Cody Jones was born in Plano, Texas, U.S., on October 9, 1987. He is a YouTube sensation as well as a social media influencer. Jones is one of the five co-founders and cast members of the wildly popular YouTube channel Dude Perfect, which has more than 57 million subscribers and 14 billion views. The channel was launched in March 2009, and it covered a wide range of topics. The channel since then has grown into one of the platform’s juggernauts. We will assist you in celebrating his special day right here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Cody Martin Jones


Tall Guy, Lactose

Birth date:

October 9, 1987



Zodiac Sign:



6' 6"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$5 million

Cody's Social Media:


Cody Jones was born in a religious family in Plano, Texas, on October 9, 1987. Every Sunday, his family attended church. Jones played basketball in high school and was a member of the boys’ basketball team that won the Class 5A State Championship in 2005-06. He entered a phase he described as “straying away from the Lord” by the end of high school. His focus shifted to basketball and girls, and he enrolled at Texas A&M University to pursue a degree in finance and real estate. Jones rediscovered religion three months later while studying at Texas A&M University, where he met his future partners, twins Coby and Cory Cotton, Garrett Hilbert, and Tyler Toney. He first met the Cotton twins at the university’s recreation center, where they played basketball. The twins invited Jones to stay with them in their house, which they shared with Hilbert and Toney.

Jones worked in real estate for a short time after graduation. On March 16, 2009, the five friends launched the channel Dude Perfect. Their first video, titled “Backyard Edition,” featured the friends in their backyard performing increasingly complex basketball shots in exchange for a sandwich bet. Within one week of its release on April 8, 2009, the video had received over 200,000 views. Jones and the others began uploading content on a regular basis after realizing they had something special there. Professional endorsement offers and requests began to pour in quickly. “The Dude Perfect Show” premiered in early 2016. Jones and his friends embarked on their first live tour in 2019. The group later announced their second live tour in 2020, which was later postponed to 2021.

Jones is the group’s tallest member, which earned him the nickname ‘tall guy’ from fans. Jones is also a devoted family man. He married Allison Jones on August 6, 2010, and they have three children — two daughters and a son.

Career timeline

The Group’s First Video

On March 16, Jones and his friends release "Backyard Edition.”

The Release of “Dude Perfect” Game

Jones and his group launch the free mobile game for i.O.S. and Android, "Dude Perfect."

“The Dude Perfect Show”

Jones stars in the T.V. show "The Dude Perfect Show," in which he and his friends perform amazing trick shots of all kinds with several guests who appear in each episode.

The Group’s Most Popular Video

Jones and the group upload the video "Water Bottle Flip 2 | Dude Perfect," which has over 424 million views and is the most popular on the channel.

The First Episode of “The Bucket List”

Jones and his friends star in a series titled "The Bucket List," which debuted with the episode ‘Aircraft Carrier Bucket List,’ which has over 51 million views.

His First Song

Jones and his friends release a new song named ‘Pet Peeves’ on their YouTube channel, which has over 13.5 million views.

Why We Love Cody Jones

  1. He is humble despite his success

    As one of the co-founders of Dude Perfect, Jones has amassed a great deal of wealth and success while remaining humble and authentic. After meeting him, fans described Jones as the loveliest person they had ever met.

  2. His family is very important to him

    Jones is a skilled individual, but his family comes first. He once missed the “Drone Racing Battle” video and did not appear in the video "Blitzball 3 Battle" because he was having a baby and had to be there for his family.

  3. He contributed to charity work

    The group comes together to raise money for charity occasionally — during one of their most recent events, they teamed up with Christ Paul to raise $50,000 for charity. The funds were split into two donations of $25,000, one to the Chris Paul Family Foundation and the other to the MACC Fund.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He pulled off a long-range trick shot

    Jones set a new world record by hitting a moving target from a distance of 30 yards.

  2. He made history

    Jones broke the record for the longest blindfolded basketball shot from a distance of 72 feet on his first try.

  3. He broke Dwight Howard's world record

    Jones set the world record for the longest basketball sitting shot with a distance of 55.08 feet, breaking Dwight Howard's previous record.

  4. He achieved the world's highest pass

    Jones set a new world record by passing the ball from a helicopter to Tyler Toney and breaking the previous record by 563 feet.

  5. He survived ‘Wheel Unfortunate’ for 28 episodes

    Jones is the sole member of Dude Perfect, who has gone the longest without spinning the wheel for ‘Wheel Unfortunate,’ with 28 episodes in the series "Overtime."

Cody Jones FAQs

Who is Cody Jones married to?

Jones is married to Allison M. Jones. They started dating in 2009 and have been married since 2010.

What happened to Cody Jones?

Jones was involved in an accident and was unable to participate in the “Snow Sports” battle video.

Is Cody Jones the oldest Dude Perfect member?

No, he is not. Garrett Hilbert is the eldest member of the group.

Cody Jones’s birthday dates

2024October 9Wednesday
2025October 9Thursday
2026October 9Friday
2027October 9Saturday
2028October 9Monday

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