Nava Rose

Nava Rose, born on October 8, 1990, began her social media career on YouTube. On her YouTube channel, she primarily uploads D.I.Y., lifestyle, beauty, and fashion material. In the first episode of her Korea Vlog series, she became popular for styling one of her favorite K-pop idols, Alexa. On her Instagram account, she promotes brands such as Revlon, MAC Cosmetics, I Am Gia, Demonia Shoes, Naked Wolfe, Lamoda, and Asos. Being a part of the very first Hot Cheetos fashion show during New York Fashion Week was a defining moment in her life. Let’s celebrate this amazing lady’s special day today.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Alexa Jade

Birth date:

October 8, 1990



Zodiac Sign:



5' 6"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1 million

Alexa's Social Media:


Nava Rose is a well-known social media personality. She is best known for being a YouTube celebrity, but she also has a significant presence on other social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. She was born on October 8, 1990, in Buena Park, California. She has a younger brother. She has been sewing since she was a child and began using a sewing machine when she was in Middle School. She has always been interested in design and graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (F.I.D.M.) in Los Angeles. She has also learned hip-hop dancing. She held a full-time corporate job in the fashion sector before and was engaged in every facet of it, from wholesale and production to design and marketing.

On February 16, 2013, Rose launched her YouTube account, Nava Rose. On March 7, 2013, she released her first video, “Alexa Robago.” Over seven years, the video was viewed by 16,000 people worldwide. Her D.I.Y. suggestions, makeup tutorials, home décor, dance covers, fashion, styling, and other things have made her quite popular among her admirers. She posted choreography videos and vlogs during her time in South Korea. She got to style one of her favorite K-pop idols, Alexa, for the first episode of her Korea Vlog series — “1MI Korea Vlog | Episode 1: Styling My Favorite Kpop Idol With Alexa!” On May 21, 2018, she uploaded a dance choreography to her YouTube account — “STIGMA – V of BTS (방탄소년단) DANCE CHOREOGRAPHY | DANCE | Nava Rose.” “D.I.Y. DOLLAR STORE Anthropologie Decor” and “Half Baked | D.I.Y. FAUX Fur Coat” are two of her most popular YouTube videos. She is also well known for her captivating Instagram feed, which she uses to promote various brands. Rose is also active on TikTok as ‘the.navarose,’ which she uses to broadcast her lip-sync and fashion-related videos. She started her account in early 2020, and one of her first videos was a transition video for changing attire.

Her trendy D.I.Ys have gotten a lot of attention. Her first Disney Princess styling video is one of her favorites. She has also hosted the “Nava on the Fly” segment for The Ellen DeGeneres Show, in addition to her social media engagement. She plans to create her own fashion line and online store in the next few years. There is no confirmed information regarding whether she is single or in a relationship. She’s possibly concentrating on building her acting career at the moment.

Why We Love Nava Rose

  1. Her confidence level is praiseworthy

    Her self-assurance is incredible. She isn't scared to try new things, make things happen for herself, and create positive changes in her life. She isn't scared to stand out and to be someone who excels at what she does. She is unconcerned about what others think of her.

  2. She is an advocate for human rights

    She is a member of the Asian American and Pacific Islander (A.A.P.I.) community and strives to end Asian hatred around the world. She's spent a lot of time emphasizing the fact that she is not someone who will sit back and let the world dislike her. She fights for an end to Asian hatred and continues to strive to change the situation.

  3. She maintains her privacy

    We admire her for keeping her personal life private, which is a unique characteristic of her personality. She isn't interested in being someone who lives her entire life in the spotlight. Nobody knows much about her personal life because she likes to keep some things to herself.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She has a pierced finger

    She got her finger pierced in 2013 because she always wanted to.

  2. She has a pet

    Oliver Butter is the name of her pet dog.

  3. She loves to wear heels

    Rose adores heels of all kinds, and her collection of heels is super trendy.

  4. She embarked on a new diet

    She became a pescatarian in 2017.

  5. She has a variety of interests

    Her hobbies include traveling, makeup, dancing, and taking selfies.

Is Nava Rose Filipino?

Yes. She is a Filipino artist based in Los Angeles.

What does Nava Rose do?

Rose is known on TikTok for her fashion D.I.Y. projects, in which she makes full outfits out of fake Louis Vuitton or Gucci handbags and evaluates them.

Who is Alexa Jade?

Alexa Jade is her birth name. She’s become known as Nava Rose on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

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