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Odalys Jimenez, born October 26, 2000, is a Mexican TikTok star, uprising YouTuber, and digital content creator breaking the internet. The best part is that she isn’t in this alone: together with her sister Dafne they are best known across social media as ‘Hermanas J.M.’ Since they started posting content in 2019, it was inevitable that they would become the entertainment maverick they are today. Whether it’s sharing with us a little bit of the Mexican culture that shapes their lives in a fun and lovely way, dancing to the latest hits, or telling us a little bit of what they’re up to, these sisters are definitely personalities to follow.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Melissa Odalys Jimenez Medina



Birth date:

October 26, 2000



Zodiac Sign:



5' 1"

Relationship Status:


Melissa's Social Media:


Odalys Jimenez, born October 26, 2000, grew up and spent her childhood in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, located in the northern end of Mexico. In her videos, we have seen snippets of her family — her many TikTok videos sometimes feature her cousins making an appearance, along with her mother and grandmother. As both Jimenez and her sister Dafne are part of the Z Generation, it is not strange that they were very young when they began to get into the frenetic world of social media.

That’s how they started a TikTok account, in which they appear together. These girls have huge personalities and create funny and witty videos that are thoroughly entertaining to wider audiences. Sometimes they dance to fashionable songs, on occasion, they show us their day-to-day, and other times they create funny sketches where they parody different moments of ordinary life to get a good laugh out of all of us. The sisters already surpassed 18 million followers on their joined TikTok account. After seeing their success, the sisters decided to explore more of the digital social world. Thus, their YouTube account was born. On their channel, they react to their old content, tell us more details about their different projects, and share with us aspects of their lives that can’t be detailed enough in short videos.

Jimenez is the eldest of the sisters and has taken it upon herself to get them in touch with different companies and brands of beauty, health, and clothing products. On many occasions, she has declared her love for fit culture and taking care of her wellbeing. This has led to many brands wanting to work with them. Only the future will tell what’s in store for these sisters, but we are sure great things are coming!

Career timeline

March 2015
She Joins Instagram

Before her big internet break, the oldest Jimenez sister opens her Instagram account.

December 2019
Her TikTok Debut

This is when it all begins for the Jimenez sisters.

March 2020
They Create a YouTube Account

The sisters join the biggest long video platform.

A Collaboration With BEYA

In September, the sisters post a YouTube video announcing new merchandising.

“The Salvador Siblings”

The sisters have a special appearance in this series produced by Disney Plus.

Why We Love Odalys JM

  1. They share Latin inspiration

    Through their social media, we can see the sisters dancing to the rhythm of different reggaeton artists, the popular Latin American genre with exponents such as Don Omar and Daddy Yankee. They are proud of their roots.

  2. They know what they are doing

    These sisters know how to conquer the world of social networks thanks to the affection and charisma they have together. They do make a good team.

  3. They are still growing

    The sisters are approaching two million followers on their joint YouTube channel. These girls are conquering the internet, and we love how much they've grown in such a short time.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. Becky G

    Jimenez is a big fan of the Latin-flavored songs of Becky G.

  2. Chicken salad

    This is her favorite food as it is delicious and healthy.

  3. Six years

    She’s six years older than her sister Dafne, born in 2006.

  4. Blue

    That’s her favorite color, whereas her sister’s is black and white.

  5. They love their dogs

    The sisters have two of them: Bambi and Kaylo.

Odalys JM FAQs

Does Odalys J.M. have a boyfriend?

Although she has been linked to Alan Mejia in the past, her relationship status is currently not public.

Is Odalys Dafne's twin sister?

No, they are very similar, but they are not twins.

How many likes does their joint account have?

Their joint account has over 564 million likes.

Odalys JM’s birthday dates

2024October 26Saturday
2025October 26Sunday
2026October 26Monday
2027October 26Tuesday
2028October 26Thursday

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