Michael Sterling

American singer and songwriter Michael Sterling, born on October 26, 1960, has managed to build a reputation as a successful musician over the years. Known for his sweet and soft falsetto voice, Sterling has released eleven studio albums and three compilation albums to date, with several hit singles, which established his reputation as a man of immense talent. Usually known for keeping a low profile, his songs have been covered by Usher and Ludacris as well as the Ying Yang Twins, which brought him out of the shadows and into the spotlight. Celebrate the birthday of this music virtuoso right here with some insights and trivia about his life.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Michael Dennis Johnson


Mick, Mike

Birth date:

October 26, 1960



Zodiac Sign:



6' 0"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1.7 million

Michael's Social Media:


Multi-talented musician, singer, music composer, and music arranger, Michael Sterling, has built an illustrious career for himself. Born Michael Dennis Johnson in Miami, he is of African American heritage. Little is known about his parents and siblings, but he has at least one older brother.

Sterling’s career in music began when he started playing the guitar as a teenager for popular Latino singer Ray Fernandez. He then formed a band with his friends in 1980, which was called Silver Platinum, and in 1981, the group released its single ‘Dance,’ which reached Number 28 on the Billboard R&B Charts. In 1985, he released his first solo album, “The Artist,” which did not receive much attention. He started to get recognition for his talent in 1987 with the release of his second album, “No Such Animal.” In 2005, he was once again put under the spotlight when his song ‘Lovers and Singers’ was covered by Usher, Ludacris, and Lil’ Jon and the East Side Boys, which became an international hit and even won two BMI Billboard awards. Sterling then went on to produce the music for a motion picture titled “Kung Fu Brother,” and began to work on new music for an album, releasing the single ‘Ghost’ as the first of ten tracks for the album “Eyes Around My Heart,” which was released in 2009. In 2011, he released the album “Black Songs” under his label MSMG, which was received positively by fans. His most recent album, “Made in Miami,” was released in 2019. Since then, Sterling has been touring around the U.S. and, in 2022, released a new single featuring Fury — ‘Respect.’

Sterling is among a class of undervalued musicians who have inspired other popular stars with their immense talent. He prefers to keep a low profile, surfacing when he is working on new music or touring, and is married to Irene Rena Sterling, with whom he shares three children, and the couple also has a granddaughter, Zara. He is also known for his vocal support of anti-racism causes and political stances on issues concerning the administration of Miami. His fans continue to rate his work highly and support him wholeheartedly in new ventures.

Career timeline

He Attains Stardom with His Second Album

Sterling’s second album, “No Such Animal,” becomes a hit and propels him to fame.

His Song is Covered by Usher

Sterling’s 1990 song ‘Lovers and Friends’ is covered by Usher, Ludacris, and Lil’ Jon and the East Side Boys, becoming an international hit.

His Album is a Minor Hit

His eighth album, titled "Black Songs," is praised by critics and fans.

His New Album is Released

Sterling releases a new album, “Made in Miami,” which is received positively by his fans.

He Releases New Single

He collaborates with singer Fury on a new single, ‘Respect.’

Why We Love Michael Sterling

  1. He is extremely talented

    His award-winning music is a testament to his many talents. Singing, songwriting, music composition, music direction, and music arrangement are just a few of his talents.

  2. He keeps an extremely low profile

    Sterling has been in the public eye since the beginning of his career, but he prefers to live a quiet life. Apart from news about his new music, there is little about him in the media.

  3. He stands up for causes dear to him

    Sterling maintains a low profile where his career is concerned, but he raises his voice for social causes. He has been proactive in supporting anti-racism movements and has also been involved in spreading the word about children’s rights.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He had a dog named Tokyo

    When Sterling was younger, he owned a pet dog named Tokyo.

  2. He has a key to Miami-Dade County

    Sterling is one of the prestigious recipients of the key to the Metropolitan Miami-Dade County.

  3. Blu Cantrell’s musical director

    Sterling was instrumental in shaping the career of the award-winning singer and songwriter.

  4. “The Today Show”

    Sterling has voiced segments for “The Today Show” and “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”

  5. His music inspired Trick Daddy

    Popular Miami-based rapper Trick Daddy was inspired by Sterling’s hit song ‘Holiday’ and used it as a derivation for his single ‘Thug Holiday.’

Michael Sterling FAQs

How old is Michael Sterling the singer?

Born in 1960, Sterling is 61 years old as of 2021.

Who is Michael Sterling married to?

Sterling is married to Irene Rena Sterling.

What happened to Michael Sterling?

Sterling continues to make music, and most recently, released a new single, ‘Respect,’ featuring Fully.

Michael Sterling’s birthday dates

2024October 26Saturday
2025October 26Sunday
2026October 26Monday
2027October 26Tuesday
2028October 26Thursday

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