Peter Tosh

Peter Tosh, born October 19, 1944, was a world-renowned reggae performer and founding member of The Wailers. He founded the group along with Bob Marley and Bunny Wailer and later established himself as a renowned solo performer and Rastafari promoter. Tosh was born to extremely young parents who refused to accept responsibility for him, depriving him of the safety and affection that children typically require. In the absence of his parents, he was raised figuratively by his aunt. Tosh used music to express his thoughts and ideas. Aside from his time with The Wailers, he had a successful solo career that was cut short owing to his tragic demise. He was revered by many as seen as someone who had been sent to free the Jamaican people through music, both physically and emotionally.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Winston Hubert McIntosh


Stepping Razor

Birth date:

October 19, 1944

Death date:

September 11, 1987 (age 42)

Zodiac Sign:



6' 4"

Net Worth:

$3 million


Peter Tosh was born Winston Hubert McIntosh on October 19, 1944, in Grange Hill, Jamaica. His astrological sign is Libra. Tosh was born to very young parents who refused to undertake parental obligations, depriving him of the attention and affection that all children deserve. While his parents were overseas, he was shuffled among relatives and finally settled with his aunt. While living with his aunt, he was heavily affected by American radio stations and developed an early interest in singing and playing the guitar. At one point, Tosh began watching a man playing the guitar in the streets. He memorized everything his fingers did and replayed the song back to the man, to his surprise.

He traveled to Kingston at the age of 15, when he met fellow hopeful artists Bunny, Bob Marley, and Junior Braithwaite. The trio began working with Joe Higgs, their vocal instructor, to enhance their distinct musical abilities. They eventually achieved their aspirations and formed the band The Wailers in 1962. Despite their difficulties in Jamaica, the trio produced their first collaboration, “Catch A Fire.” Tosh began pursuing a solo career alongside his work with The Wailers in 1971. He became the voice for individuals who couldn’t talk or didn’t have the resources to express themselves to a global audience. To many, he was a redeemer; a saint who came to rescue the oppressed.

Tosh was legally married to Andrea Marlene Brown, however, they never had children. Tosh, however, had 10 children from previous relationships. Tosh was murdered in Jamaica by a gang of three men who demanded money from him before leaving his home.

Career timeline

He Co-Founds the Wailing Wailers Band

Peter Tosh co-founds the band The Wailers together with Junior Braithwaite, Bob Marley, and Bunny Wailer.

He Releases His Solo Debut Album

C.B.S. Records announces the arrival of Tosh's first solo album, "Legalize It."

He Releases His Second Album

Tosh releases his second solo album, titled "Equal Rights."

He Signs on With Rolling Stones Records

Tosh releases the album "Bush Doctor" after signing a deal with Rolling Stones Records.

He Wins a Grammy Award

Tosh's final studio album, "No Nuclear War," wins a Grammy Award.

He Receives the Order of Merit

Tosh posthumously receives the “Order of Merit,” Jamaica’s third highest accolade.

Why We Love Peter Tosh

  1. He is Grammy Winner

    Peter Tosh was a talented singer. He received the Grammy award for the Best Reggae Album in 1987.

  2. His music spoke to us

    Tosh spoke for the masses. His music became the voice for individuals who lacked the ability or resources to express their views.

  3. Tosh was extremely resourceful

    Tosh was a very resourceful person. He was someone who advocated for many issues.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He didn’t attend Bob Marley’s funeral

    Tosh didn't attend Marley's funeral because the Rastafari faith doesn't practice mourning death the way Christians do and, instead, they celebrate life.

  2. He was named after Winston Churchill

    Tosh was given the name Winston Hubert McIntosh at birth in honor of former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

  3. ‘Legalize It’ was prohibited on the radio

    Despite being prohibited from a radio broadcast in Jamaica, the track ‘Legalize It’ was a huge success.

  4. Tosh was close with The Rolling Stones

    Tosh was intimately identified with the band throughout his career, being the only reggae musician signed to the label.

  5. He was an expert at English wordplay

    He had a genius knack for deconstructing the English language.

Peter Tosh FAQs

What was Peter Tosh's death date?

He died on September 11, 1987.

Did Tosh attend Bob Marley’s funeral?

Tosh did not attend Bob Marley’s funeral.

Was Tosh vegetarian?

He stuck to a strict vegetarian diet.

Peter Tosh’s birthday dates

2024October 19Saturday
2025October 19Sunday
2026October 19Monday
2027October 19Tuesday
2028October 19Thursday

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