Candice Pool

Candice Pool, born on October 19, 1977, is a South African-American jewelry designer and businesswoman. In 2004, she founded Finn Jewelry, a brand born out of the desire to create her own version of delicate fine jewelry. However, after about 12 years of running Finn Jewelry, Pool realized that she no longer completely resonated with the delicate and feminine vibe of the brand — and so, Billy was born. Founded in 2016, her new business was a more stripped, affordable jewelry brand. Finn underwent a rebranding exercise in 2019 and is currently running as usual. As of now, Billy is on a short hiatus.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Candice Pool

Birth date:

October 19, 1977



Zodiac Sign:



5' 8.5"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$1.5 million

Candice's Social Media:


Candice Pool was born in Cape Town, South Africa, on October 19, 1977, but soon moved to Texas with her family. Thus, she grew up in the U.S., surrounded by other South African immigrants. Pool holds that Texas is a fundamental part of her identity, partially because “[its] culture is so strong.” Later on, she eventually moved to New York, where she worked as a bartender while also exploring the possibilities of becoming a jewelry maker.

She founded Finn Jewelry in 2004 with the vision of creating her own version of delicate fine necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and much more. After about 12 years of successfully running Finn Jewelry, Pool realized that she strived for more in the jewel-making world, and her goals no longer aligned with the soft and feminine vibe of the brand. So her second big business, Billy, was born. The brand, founded in 2016, was created to be a more affordable, stripped-down jewelry alternative. As of right now, Billy is on a short hiatus but Finn Jewelry, on the other hand, is still going strong, brandishing its refreshed image — a result of a wide rebranding campaign that took place in 2019.

Pool is married to YouTuber and filmmaker Casey Neistat. The two eloped in 2005 but annulled the marriage soon after. Later on, the pair reconnected and got engaged in February 2013, marrying later that year in a beautiful ceremony in Cape Town, South Africa. Pool and Neistat have two kids, Francine and Georgie.

Career timeline

Finn Jewelry

Pool founds her first main business, which is still going strong.

Her First Wedding

Neistat and Pool elope but annul their marriage soon after.

The Second Wedding

Pool and Neistat get married again in December, after a nine-month engagement.


Pool’s second brand sees the light.

Why We Love Candice Pool

  1. She is a talented designer

    Pool is a very talented designer. Her vision and passion can be seen in every single one of the pieces she makes.

  2. She has a very strong vision

    The way Pool envisions bands and jewelry alike is very admirable. She’s as hardworking as she’s talented.

  3. She seems easy to get along with

    Pool comes across as someone easy to get along with. We love someone who makes themselves approachable!

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She’s self-taught

    Pool has no formal education in jewel making; it’s all pure talent and dedication!

  2. Her Chinese zodiac

    Pool was born in the year of the Snake.

  3. Finn is a winner

    Her brand won the People’s Choice Award for engagement rings.

  4. She said “no” to Neistat

    Pool rejected a first date with him.

  5. A “Vogue” Nominee

    Pool was nominated for a “Vogue” Fashion Fund Award once.

Candice Pool FAQs

Are Casey Neistat and Candice Pool still married?

As far as we know, yes, they are.

Does Casey still own 368?

Even though he moved out of New York, Neistat still keeps some ownership of the brand.

How old is Casey Neistat?

He’s 41 years old in 2022.

Candice Pool’s birthday dates

2024October 19Saturday
2025October 19Sunday
2026October 19Monday
2027October 19Tuesday
2028October 19Thursday

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