Angel Brinks

Angel Brinks, born October 19, 1982, is a “Basketball Wives L.A.” reality television star who also works as a fashion designer. Leggings, bodysuits, dresses, lingerie, rompers, jeans, and jackets are all part of her self-titled fashion collection. Her Instagram account has millions of followers. Brinks is now her company’s co-founder and C.E.O. Today we celebrate her and her accomplishments.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Angel Brinks

Birth date:

October 19, 1982



Zodiac Sign:



5' 10"

Relationship Status:

In a relationship

Net Worth:

$1.5 million

Angel's Social Media:


Angel Brinks was born in Los Angeles, California. She has had a love of fashion design since she was a child. Brinks’ scholastic background is unknown, although it is known that she studied Fashion Design and Marketing and majored in fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Marketing.

Brinks’ career as a fashion designer began in 2010. This year, she debuted in the fashion world by launching her first apparel line. She was always drawn to the glam world, and she preferred glam and sparkling clothing over basic attire. Her initial collection was made up of leggings. It wasn’t just any old legging, though. She began developing numerous additional clothing lines after the successful launch of her leggings clothing brand. Her subsequent apparel lines featured tops and bikinis. Aside from that, she used to serve as a guest commentator for the “Las Vegas Sun News.” In the year 2014, she also appeared in the T.V. series “Basketball Wives L.A.” in seasons four and five. Her first appearance was as a guest star. The focus of the show was on the interaction between basketball players and their wives. At the time, she was dating N.B.A. basketball player Tyreke Evans.

Brinks was previously married, although she never revealed the identity of her ex-husband. However, it was revealed that Brinks used to work as a hired escort for her husband. Her spouse committed suicide when she was nine months pregnant and set to start a family with him. As a result, Brinks welcomed the baby boy, Azari Marquise, on her own and reared him as a single mother. Brinks fell in love with legendary basketball player Tyreke Evans after her first significant heartbreak. She was head over heels in love with her boyfriend and thought of him as the love of her life. Amani, the couple’s daughter, was born in 2014. However, much like in the previous relationship, Brinks’ luck ran out and she parted ways with Tyreke Evans with a heavy heart. Brinks was observed conversing about Tyreke even after the breakup. Meanwhile, Tyreke, the father of her second child, was preoccupied with his work rather than Brinks and Amani. She is currently dating Jackie Long.

Career timeline

She Starts Her Fashion Design Career

She debuts in the fashion world by launching her first apparel line.

She Participates in New York Fashion Week

She quickly becomes popular among Hollywood stars and celebrities and participates in the New York Fashion Week.

She Launches a Clothing Line for Kids

She starts a clothing brand for kids.

She Launches Her T.V. Show

She debuts her T.V. series titled, “Angel Brinks: The Real Bling.”

Why We Love Angel Brinks

  1. She is a fashionista

    She is popularly known for her girly, barbie aesthetic. She also liked the glamor of dancers' outfits, as well as the body-fitting outfits. Hence why she is really into wearing leggings and clothes with sparkles.

  2. She is open about her struggles in life

    In her T.V. series, she talked about the difficulties she faced running a business and being a single mom. This information can help individuals facing the same fate.

  3. She is inspirational

    She is an inspiration to single mothers who are managing their lives and businesses. She motivates and encourages them to be the best versions of themselves.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She was interested in music and dancing

    She was already practicing ballet three years after her birth and even sang in a choir.

  2. She has styled celebrities

    It is one thing to be an entrepreneur, but it is quite another to be so outstanding at what you do that people seek you out — so far, she has dressed Blac Chyna, Nicki Minaj, and Cardi B, among others.

  3. Her parents hoped she’d get a degree

    Every parent's dream is for their child to succeed, and Brinks’ parents wanted the same for their daughter, saying that she needed to focus on her studies if she wanted to be a lawyer or a doctor.

  4. She danced backup for Jennifer Lopez

    Brinks’ dance lessons must have paid off because she was hired as a backup dancer for Jennifer Lopez.

  5. Her first celebrity client was Trina

    After the establishment of her clothing line, her first celebrity client was Trina.

Angel Brinks FAQs

Is Angel Brinks married?

No, she is not married.

What basketball player did Brinks date?

She dated Tyreke Evans.

When did Brinks have her baby with Tyreke Evans?

In 2014, the couple welcomed a daughter named Amani.

Angel Brinks’s birthday dates

2023October 19Thursday
2024October 19Saturday
2025October 19Sunday
2026October 19Monday
2027October 19Tuesday

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