Calvin Holmes, better known as HappyBirthdayCalvin, is an American rapper and hip-hop recording artist who was born on October 19, 2001. After signing with the independent label, At The Studio, he began to create waves in the industry. As an African American raised by a single parent, HappyBirthdayCalvin developed a deep interest in poetry and, eventually, hip-hop. He was inspired by Lil Wayne, Kanye West, G Herbo, Tyler, The Creator, and Kid Cudi, to name a few. In his early teens, he made music on a digital audio workstation and then as a youth, he started penning rhymes. This notable young star is celebrating his birthday today, and we’re all excited, aren’t we?

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Calvin Holmes



Birth date:

October 19, 2001



Zodiac Sign:


Relationship Status:


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Born on October 19, 2001, in Chicago, Illinois, Calvin Holmes is fast becoming a force to reckon with in the music industry. Using the moniker, HappybirthdayCalvin, he employs the powers of a highly active imagination to magnify the scope of hip-hop.

His earliest memory is of his mother giving him a 50-cent t-shirt. His mother persuaded him to compose and record music, and she assisted him in uploading his work to YouTube. During high school, though, he took his rap career seriously and began uploading music to YouTube and SoundCloud. He turned his rhymes into records in high school at ChiArts: Chicago High School of the Arts, creating beats and recording himself on Frooty Loops.

He was discovered by Peezy, the owner of At The Studio, an independent Chicago record company, in late 2018, and has since flourished. He released two three-track E.P.s in 2019: “No Friends” and “No Friends remix,” which generated attention and established him as one of the most interesting new acts on the rise. A G Herbo–assisted remix of the reflective ‘Kari’s Song (Long Way from Home)’ and ‘Alone’ preceded these E.P.s. In December 2019, he released a music video for his song ‘Still Did It,’ which was released on July 4 of the same year. The track ‘Kari’s Song (Long Way from Home),’ produced by Rex Rideout and Timothy Bullock, has been used for the soundtrack of the Chicago-set drama “Beats,” and it instantly expanded the artist’s audience.

Career timeline

The Move to Join At The Studio

HappyBirthdayCalvin catches the attention of Peezy, the owner of At The Studio, an independent Chicago record label, and they immediately join forces.

The Release of His First Track

A day after his YouTube channel is launched, HappyBirthdayCalvin releases his first track, titled ‘No Friends,’ which is from the “No Friends” E.P.

The Debut E.P. Drops

“No friends” is released, including the tracks ‘No friends,’ ‘Anything,’ and ‘Willow Tree.’

The Song That’s Used as a Soundtrack

‘Kari's Song (Long Way from Home)’ is featured as the soundtrack of the Chicago-set drama “Beats.”

Why We Love HappyBirthdayCalvin

  1. He dares to dream

    It’s hard to believe that the young rapper is very much in his earliest 20s with all he’s achieved. This is one personality trait that we’d love to emulate.

  2. He’s a young talent

    He has garnered his much-loved fans through his musical prowess. His solo record albums have gathered many positive comments from fans and colleagues alike.

  3. He is stylish

    Find pictures of the talented rapper where he showcases his unique style on his social media platforms. Who doesn’t love a fashionista in his elements?!

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He walked the runway

    The young rapper walked the runway for Kerbito and his legendary brand Pyermoss at the 2019 New York Fashion Week.

  2. A birthday tribute to Kanye West

    It’s no news that Holmes is a fan of West and so he performed a song in honor of West’s birthday in 2019.

  3. He began producing at 13

    He began producing music at the age of 13, which made him see his potential as a rap artist.

  4. He recorded a hit at 16

    He revealed during an interview with “Alifesessions” that he recorded his hit track ‘No Friends’ (2019) at the age of 16/17.

  5. He got a surprise birthday

    Holmes revealed that one of his favorite memories was the surprise birthday that was thrown for him at At The Studio.

HappyCalvin FAQs

When did HappyBirthdayCalvin get married?

He is not married.

Is HappyBirthdayCalvin a twin?

No, he isn’t a twin.

Does HappyBirthdayCalvin have a Grammy?

No, he doesn’t have any Grammy Awards.

HappyBirthdayCalvin’s birthday dates

2024October 19Saturday
2025October 19Sunday
2026October 19Monday
2027October 19Tuesday
2028October 19Thursday

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