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Evander Holyfield was born on October 19, 1962. He is an American former professional boxer, the only boxer in history to have uncontested titles in both the cruiserweight and heavyweight divisions. Holyfield began boxing when he was a young child in the streets, and his talent allowed him to continue boxing for 28 years. His professional boxing career began with a winning streak that made him the undisputed heavyweight champion of his era. In contrast to his boxing career, his personal life was turbulent. Let’s honor this outstanding boxer.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Evander Holyfield


The Real Deal, The Warrior

Birth date:

October 19, 1962



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6' 2"

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Evander Holyfield was born to Annie Laura Holyfield and Isom Coley in Atmore, Alabama, on October 19, 1962. He was raised in Atlanta, Georgia’s Bowen Homes Housing Projects, and completed secondary school at Fulton. At the young age of seven, he began boxing. He joined the Boys & Girls Club when he was eight years old, and Carter Morgan introduced him to the world of professional boxing. He quickly prevailed in the boy’s club boxing match. By 22 years old, he competed for the U.S. and took home a bronze medal in the light heavyweight boxing category at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, California. As an amateur boxer, he had a record of 160 victories (76 K.O.) and 14 losses by the end of 1984.

Holyfield made his professional boxing debut on November 15, 1984, in the light heavyweight class. After moving up through the classes, he met Buster Douglas on October 25, 1990, for the heavyweight championship, and knocked him out in the third round to become the new undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. Although Holyfield declared his retirement due to a heart problem in 1994, he continued fighting until June 2014, when he retired after defeating Brian Nielsen by technical knockout.

He currently assists Zhang Zhilei as a boxing advisor. Paulette Bowen (1985–1991), Janice Itson (1996–2000), and Candi Calvana Smith were the three wives of Evander Holyfield (2003-12). Eleven children — five daughters and six sons — were born to him. Evan, his son, went on to fight professionally.

Career timeline

The First Award

Holyfield wins the best boxer title and the Southeastern Regional Championship at the age of 15.

Holyfield Represents the U.S.

He wins the silver medal while representing the U.S. at the Pan American Games in Caracas, Venezuela.

The Awards Come Streaming in

Holyfield triumphs in the National Golden Gloves competition and competes for the U.S. in the light heavyweight boxing division in the Olympics in Los Angeles, California, where he wins bronze in his division.

Holyfield Becomes a World Champion

He faces Dwight Muhammad Qawi for the W.B.A. Cruiserweight Championship in his debut match, which he wins through a split decision after 15 rounds.

The Heavyweight Champion

Holyfield wins over Buster Douglas in the third round to become the new undisputed heavyweight world champion.

The End of an Era

Brian Nielsen is the opponent in Holyfield’s last fight, which he wins by technical knockout.

Why We Love Evander Holyfield

  1. He is a born again christian

    He had lots of ups and downs and decided to seek God. He is now a staunch Christian and role model to people about living a modest life.

  2. A great talent

    He has appeared in different shows and movies and has killed his role. He established himself as a great boxer and also made good of his talent on screen.

  3. He admitted his errors

    In several interviews, he shared insights into his personal life to help people tread carefully and not make the same mistakes. He talked about his life around women and squandered the money he made in boxing. He now helps young boxers to understand investing is key while making money from sharing his past mistakes.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. He used to fight on the street

    Holyfield was a street fighter before joining a proper fighting club at a young age.

  2. He quit boxing as a small boy

    He was defeated twice by a boy named Cecil Brown and he decided to quit boxing because of disappointment.

  3. He fought in ‘Battle for the Ages’

    His fight with George Foreman was termed Battle of the Ages because of the age difference.

  4. The ‘Fan man fight’

    His rematch fight with Riddick Bowe was interrupted by a man who landed in the ring with a parachute.

  5. He was bitten by Mike Tyson

    During his rematch with Mike Tyson, the boxer bit Holyfield’s ear.

Evander Holyfield FAQs

Are Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield friends?

After engaging in heated competition in 1996 and 1997, he and Mike Tyson are now close friends.

Was Evander Holyfield's ear reattached?

Despite the 90-minute surgical procedure, doctors could not attach the missing part during surgery.

Who is Evander Holyfield's favorite artist?

His favorite artist is Jim Morrison, an American poet, singer, songwriter, and the lead singer of The Doors.

Evander Holyfield’s birthday dates

2024October 19Saturday
2025October 19Sunday
2026October 19Monday
2027October 19Tuesday
2028October 19Thursday

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