Lil Durk

Durk Derrick Banks, a Chicago-based American rapper popularly known as Lil Durk, was born on October 19, 1992. From a young age, he was interested in music and self-released his first mixtapes through his own O.T.F. (Only the Family) record label. Following his initial success, he began to consider music as a full-time career in early 2010. He eventually signed with the famed recording label Def Jam Recordings, and he is now regarded as one of the best rappers the label has ever produced. Come along as we celebrate this star right here.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Durk Derrick Banks


The voice, Durkio, The cook

Birth date:

October 19, 1992



Zodiac Sign:



5' 7"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$3 million

Durk's Social Media:


Lil Durk was born on October 19, 1992, in Englewood, Illinois, on the south side of Chicago. His father was incarcerated when he was seven months old, so he learned to shoulder responsibilities early in life. Following the popularity of his two singles ‘Sneak Dissin’ and ‘I’ma Hitta,’ he began to contemplate rap as a full-time career. Durk became more serious about his career after having a baby at 17 and stepping out of Paul Robeson High School to join the Black Disciples, a Chicago street gang.

He was affiliated with the Glo Gang label early in his career but was not signed to it. He began to carve out his own niche in the music industry and released a mixtape titled “Life Ain’t No Joke” after the success of his first two tracks. This mixtape was downloaded 216,000 times on DatPiff, an online mixtape distribution network. Durk released a new song, ‘L’s Anthem,’ in December 2012, featuring French Montana, and it quickly became a hit. Because of the success of ‘L’s Anthem,’ he was able to form a joint venture with Def Jam Recordings. With the release of his first album, “Remember My Name,” in 2015, he took a major step forward in his career. The album was a smashing hit, debuting at number 14 on the Billboard 200 chart. He released his sixth mixtape, “300 Days, 300 Nights,” on December 15, 2015. To promote the mixtape, a track called ‘My Beyonce’ was released. “Life Ain’t Joke,” his third mixtape, is still considered one of his best efforts. It gave him the courage to make music a full-time profession.

Durk is the father of six children and since 2017 has been engaged to Instagram model India Royale. The two have a daughter named Willow, whom they welcomed in October 2018.

Career timeline

The Debut Mixtape Drops

Lil Durk releases his debut commercial mixtape, “I'm Still a Hitta,” which is a sequel to the single ‘I'm a Hitta.’

The First Studio Album Drops

Durk releases his debut studio album, “Remember My Name,” which ranks number 14 on the Billboard 200 list.

The Manager Dies

Durk’s manager Uchenna Agina is shot and killed by mobsters in Chicago.

Mid 2010s
The Record Label Deal

Def Jam Recordings signs a deal with Durk, before dropping the artist in 2018.

The Rapper of the Year Recognition

Durk is named Rapper of the Year by the famous music blog ‘Underground Interviews.’

The Grammy Awards Nomination

Durk is nominated for Best Melodic Rap Performance and Best Rap Song for ‘Laugh Now, Cry Later (with Drake).

Why We Love Lil Durk

  1. He is unique

    Fans and peers recognize Lil Durk for his signature melodic style and memorable lyrics. He has even been nicknamed ‘The melody guy.’

  2. He is a motivator

    Durk is all about encouraging people to be seen and heard. He talks about receiving recognition and encouraging others to grow each year. We love that he inspires others to be better.

  3. He is charitable

    Durk celebrated his 29th birthday with children with disabilities. Families with medically fragile children under the age of 17 were able to get funding for treatments that medical providers were unable to provide, and this is due in part to Durk’s philanthropy.

5 Surprising Facts About Lil Durk

  1. DThang is his brother

    Rapper Dontay Banks, better known by his nickname, DThang, is Lil Durk’s brother.

  2. He got married at 17

    He married at the age of 17 and had two children with his wife before they got divorced.

  3. He is a high-school dropout

    At 17, Durk dropped out of Paul Robeson High School to join the Black Disciples, a Chicago street gang.

  4. He has legal troubles

    In 2011, he was sentenced to three months in jail, on a weapons charge, and was also hit with five felony charges, including criminal attempt to commit murder, association with a criminal street gang, and aggravated assault, in May 2021.

  5. He is a muslim

    Durk is from the Sunni Muslim religion.

Lil Durk FAQs

Is Lil Durk a cultist?

He garnered a cult following with the release of his Signed to the Streets mixtape series (2013–2014), leading to a record deal with Def Jam Recordings.

When did Durk first come out?

He shot into fame on June 2, 2015.

Does Durk have his diploma?

He joins other artists who’ve decided to pursue their education around the same age like singer Bryson Tiller, who announced he received his diploma last year, at 27.

Lil Durk’s birthday dates

2024October 19Saturday
2025October 19Sunday
2026October 19Monday
2027October 19Tuesday
2028October 19Thursday

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