MC Lyte

Lana Michele Moorer was born on October 11, 1970. Popularly known as MC Lyte in the entertainment world, this powerhouse of talent grew up in New York City. Like many other recognized stars, MC Lyte knew she had the talent to make it big, hence, she started rapping when she was 12. Since she was a teenager, the stage name she chose for herself was ‘Sparkle’. Within two years, MC Lyte had recorded her first track. The track was officially launched when she was 16 years old. During this time in history, it was not easy for women to work in the industry, therefore, MC Lyte is a pioneer female rap artist who stands as an inspiration for many.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Lana Michele Moorer


MC Lyte

Birth date:

October 11, 1970



Zodiac Sign:



5' 4"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$8 million

Lana's Social Media:


MC Lyte is a multitalented star who has made waves in the entertainment and business industry. She is a pioneer female rapper, DJ, actress, and businesswoman who has changed the perception of women of her time. MC Lyte first entered the music scene in the ’80s and released an album titled “Lyte As a Rock.” The album was followed by a trail of hit songs such as ‘Cha Cha Cha,’ ‘Paper Thin,’ ‘Poor Georgie,’ and many more.

She also released eight solo studio albums, paving the way for women in the hip-hop genre. She even collaborated with artists such as Janet Jackson, Brandy, Mary J. Blige, Moby, and Beyoncé, to name a few. She was also nominated for a Grammy in 2006 and was the first female rapper to receive a gold single. Her music career led her to receive the I Am Hip-Hop Icon Lifetime Achievement award. However, apart from rapping, MC Lyte also tried her hand at acting and became an instant success.

She started with a role in an off-Broadway theater play in 1991, followed by a film debut in 1993. Some of the popular movies she starred in include “A Luv Tale,” “Train Ride,” “Civil Brand,” and “Playa’s Ball.” In 2022, MC Lyte also made her directorial debut with a short film titled “Break Up In Love.” Apart from music and movies, she also has a foundation known as the Hip Hop Sisters, who give away 100,000 scholarships every year.

Career timeline

The Rapper Emerges

Moorer creates the name, MC Lyte and started working on her music.

The Debut Single

Her debut single, ‘I Cram to Understand U (Sam),’ is released.

The Debut Album

MC Lyte releases her debut album, “Lyte as a Rock.”

The Grand Performance

MC Lyte performs at the renowned concert venue — Carnegie Hall.

Why We Love MC Lyte

  1. She is a woman of substance

    She is an example of a woman who knows how to make it big in a male-dominated world. We love MC Lyte because she gave it her all to achieve her dreams and never backed down.

  2. She is multitalented

    MC Lyte is not just a rapper, she is also a DJ, an actress, and an entrepreneur. Yes, MC Lyte is an example of a successful woman bursting with talent.

  3. She is the first solo female rapper to release a full album

    MC Lyte rose to stardom in the 1980s, a time when women’s rights had not reached the stature they are at today. During that time, she was the first female rapper to release a solo album.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She had a ‘scary’ first audition

    MC Lyte’s first audition was for the film “Friday The 13th.”

  2. Her songs have deep meaning

    Her single ‘I Cram to Understand U (Sam)’ speaks about the consequences of a partner’s drug use.

  3. She was a college kid

    She studied at Hunter College.

  4. She has conscious eating habits

    The rapper is a vegan and is also a vocal advocate of this lifestyle.

  5. Her first job was a ‘sweet’ one

    MC Lyte’s first job was in an ice cream truck.

MC Lyte FAQs

Does MC Lyte have a child?

No, MC Lyte has no children yet.

Who is MC Light’s husband?

She is currently not married.

How old was MC Lyte when she started rapping?

She was 12 and her stage name at the time was Sparkle.

MC Lyte’s birthday dates

2024October 11Friday
2025October 11Saturday
2026October 11Sunday
2027October 11Monday
2028October 11Wednesday

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