Erica Banks

Erica Scharmane Breaux, known professionally as Erica Banks, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter born on October 5, 1998. Banks is best known for the single ‘Buss It,’ which started a TikTok trend and received millions of engagements on the app. She’s a young and talented rapper who is just getting started. Come and celebrate with us her special day today!

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Erica Scharmane Breaux


Erica Banks

Birth date:

October 5, 1998



Zodiac Sign:



5' 4.1"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$500 thousand

Erica's Social Media:


Erica Scharmane Breaux, more known as Erica Banks, is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter with so much talent and potential. Banks was born on October 5, 1998, in DeSoto, Texas. She is a Libra and of African-American descent. When Banks was 12, she began writing poetry and winning school competitions. By high school, she was rapping. After graduation, Banks enrolled at Texas A&M University-Commerce to study nursing. During this time, she decided to pursue a career in acting instead, leading her to drop out in her sophomore year.

Banks’ professional career as a rapper began in 2018, with the release of her first single, ‘Talk My Shit.’ In March 2019, she released her first professional mixtape, “Art of the Hustle.” She signed with 1501 Certified Entertainment in April, after playing a snippet of ‘Buss It’ for Carl Crawford, the label’s C.E.O. In June 2020, Banks released her eponymous fourth mixtape through the label. The mixtape featured full versions of ‘Buss It,’ her breakout single, and ‘Give Me That.’ ‘Buss It’ became a viral sensation on the video-sharing platform TikTok. With its rise in recognition, Banks got her first entry on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song is also certified Platinum by the R.I.A.A. In January 2021, she signed with Warner Records.

Banks has had a fast stride to fame. However, despite her achievements, she is only getting started. Her musical influences are Missy Elliot, Lil’ Kim, and Nicki Minaj, but her sound is very unique. Banks’ personal life is under wraps. She is presently single and without kids.

Career timeline

Her Debut Single

Banks releases her first single, ‘Talk My Shit.’

A Record Deal

Banks signs a deal with 1501 Certified Entertainment after the release of her debut mixtape.

The Eponymous Mixtape

Banks puts out her mixtape, “Erica Banks.”

She Signs to Warner Records

Following the success of her fourth E.P., Banks signs a deal with Warner Records.

Why We Love Erica Banks

  1. She’s talented

    Banks spits pure fire. She’s a talented rapper who is bound to do more amazing things.

  2. She’s beautiful

    Banks is as pretty as a picture. She’s confident and exudes alluring femininity.

  3. She’s hardworking

    Banks has been rapping consistently since 2018. She works very hard to produce bangers.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She’s bipolar

    Banks revealed on Instagram that she is diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

  2. She’s a SavageXFenty ambassador

    Banks was an ambassador for the lingerie brand.

  3. She loves colorful hair

    Banks isn’t afraid to experiment with her hair and usually has different colored weaves.

  4. She loves long nails

    Banks loves long coffin-shaped nails.

  5. She’s up for the 10th spot

    Banks is up for the 10th spot in “XXL Magazine’s” 2021 freshman class.

Erica Banks FAQs

How old was Erica Banks when ‘Buss It’ dropped?

Banks was 22 when the song dropped.

Are Erica Banks and Megan Thee Stallion related?

Although both rappers sound alike, they are not related.

Did Erica Banks get surgery?

Yes, Erica Banks has admitted to getting plastic surgery.

Erica Banks’s birthday dates

2024October 5Saturday
2025October 5Sunday
2026October 5Monday
2027October 5Tuesday
2028October 5Thursday

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