Famous Ocean

Kayla, known professionally as Famous Ocean, is an American rapper born on October 8, 2002. Famous Ocean is best known as a member of the rap group called Hollywood Dollz, and she has created her identity in the rap genre. She’s a talented young rapper on the rise. So, join us to celebrate her birthday today!

Fast Facts

Full Name:



Famous Ocean

Birth date:

October 8, 2002



Zodiac Sign:



5' 6"

Relationship Status:

In a relationship

Net Worth:

$1 million

Kayla's Social Media:


Kayla, A.K.A. Famous Ocean, is an American rapper and singer who is on the brink of mainstream fame and success. She was born on October 9, 2002, in the United States. She is a Libra and of African-American descent and has two sisters, Stacie, and Kung-Fu. In her early teen years, she wrote rap verses that she would often freestyle. She released a freestyle titled ‘So Groovy’ in 2017. The freestyle went viral and gained her fans across different platforms. She joined a rap group called Hollywood Dollz with her sisters, and they began making music together.

Famous Ocean’s rap career debuted on YouTube. She has a joint YouTube account with her sister called “Famous Ocean x KungFu.” The account was created on September 4, 2017. As a member of the trio Hollywood Dollz, she released ‘Big Ole Flex’ the same month. In 2019, Famous Ocean and Kung-Fu dropped ‘Savage.’ In the same year, they released ‘Get Active’ and ‘No Smoke.’ In 2020, Famous Ocean & KungFu dropped ‘Crop Top’ and ‘Nobody Safe.’ On their YouTube channel, their most popular video is a music video of their single ‘Get Active.’ The video was posted in July 2019 and has amassed 6.9 million views.

Famous Ocean is a talented rapper who spits fire. Her sound, flow, and style are all unique. As an artist on the rise, she keeps her personal life under wraps. However, she was previously dating Instagram star Chris Gone Crazy but is now in a relationship with Luh Kel.

Career timeline

She Collaborates With Kung-Fu

Famous Ocean creates a YouTube channel, “Famous Ocean x KungFu,” with her sister.

Her First YouTube Video

She posts the audio to ‘Big Ole Flex’ on her joint YouTube channel.

The Most Popular Video

The sisters produce the music video for the single, ‘Get Active,’ which receives 6.9 million views.

They Release More Singles

The sisters drop ‘Crop Top’ and ‘Nobody Safe.’

Why We Love Famous Ocean

  1. She’s talented

    Famous Ocean is a talented rapper who spits fire. Her flow and rap style are phenomenal.

  2. She’s beautiful

    She is a beautiful young rapper. If her looks could kill, she’d be in jail.

  3. She’s hardworking

    She is striving to get mainstream recognition and fame. Her hard work and resilience in pursuing her dreams are commendable.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She has a piercing

    Famous Ocean got her belly pierced.

  2. Her music is released independently

    She isn’t signed to any record label which is why she releases all her singles independently.

  3. She has several tattoos

    She has tattoos on her arm, thigh, and back.

  4. She graduated high school

    She completed high school in 2021.

  5. She has Korean roots

    Kayla’s maternal grandmother is Korean.

Famous Ocean FAQs

Are Famous Ocean and Kung-Fu twins?

No, they’re not twins.

Who is older between Famous Ocean and Kung-Fu?

Kung-Fu was born 11 months before her sister.

How many Instagram followers does Famous Ocean have?

She has 2.9 million followers on Instagram.

Famous Ocean’s birthday dates

2024October 8Tuesday
2025October 8Wednesday
2026October 8Thursday
2027October 8Friday
2028October 8Sunday

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